Memorial Day, Taxpayer Funded Monuments, Two State Solution #FAIL. Solar Panels.

Seth Grossman is filling in for John DeMasi on the Talk With A Purpose radio show, WPG 1450 am. May 25, 2024.

Some topics covered:

Wasteful wind turbines. Climate change nonsense.

Memorial Day: Honor those who died in defense of our country

Veterans Day: Honor those who served.

TheĀ Bernie Friedenberg World War II Memorial will be unveiled and dedicated on June 6, 2024. Should we build monuments with taxpayer funds?

Two state solution? Israel and Palestine. History says no.

Slight climate change, if any. Stories of tornados to scare you.

Nuclear power.

Carbon dioxide.

Former Oyster Creek nuclear plant: 50 yrs of safety.

Solar and wind.

Solar panels everywhere near Trenton. Rte 206.

Harnessing lightening rods. Potentially more effective?


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