Murphy Energy Plan Cost Estimates

Would you buy a house, a car, or take a vacation without having an idea of the costs? Does any business engage in muti billion-dollar contracts without an idea of the cost? It appears the BPU will act without cost knowledge to implement the NJ Energy Master Plan.

The BPU has entered into contracts to force the fossil fuel to electricity transition without any knowledge of the final costs on electricity rates.  Will the rates be affordable, who knows, who cares? The climate cult supports this action by claiming the cost of doing nothing is greater than spending on the transition. How do they know that unless they know the cost of the wind and solar generated electricity? If cost is not an issue, then the wind and solar industries have a taxpayer funded blank check since, without costs, a cost benefit analysis is impossible.

Fortunately, the Affordable Energy for New Jersey (AENJ) organization has produced a cost report (1) which estimates the transition costs are only 1.4 trillion dollars or $5,000 per person per year (2) until 2050 to implement. The report must be reviewed and its methodology and conclusions verified and corrected if required.  However, no BPU decision regarding wind and solar should escape a detailed and thorough cost benefit analysis from now on.




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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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