NJ Energy Report – January 2024

NJ Energy Report – January  2024

Actions and comments affecting the New Jersey energy supply.


The Monthly Fear Notice

With scientists saying the window for averting the worst impacts of climate change is rapidly closing, many argue there is no choice but to act decisively.

“It is imperative we move forward with the clean energy agenda. This is the time for action

  • The January fear factor assertion is the climate crises deepens and the climate change window is rapidly closing. Is that enough proof to give up your lifestyle?
  • Are these the real factors driving state policy.(1). The unspecified deepening crises ignores that climate deaths have been decreasing for a century (2)(3). Well just forget that fact.
  • More likely the climate alarmists fear hiding and explaining the massive costs of `clean’, energy wind and solar.
  • The state promised clean energy would be cheaper than fossil fuels, even as costs soared. Orsted proved that promise was wrong.
  • Now the state talks about mandates and political will to impose the wind and solar.
  • Is the real concern that people will recognize they are paying massive subsides for wind and solar and receiving expensive sometime available  electricity in return?




Energy Supply

Offshore Wind Turbines

  • The Orsted cancelation of Ocean Winds 1 and 2 wind complexes was a marvelous tactical victory last fall.  However, that was only one battle and did not win the war on off shore wind. The demand for offshore construction continues.
  • The state has requested bids on several more offshore wind sites. These will be about 40 miles off shore and considerably more expensive than the cancelled projects.(1) (2)
  • The Atlantic Shore wind complex is continuing. (1)
  • Congressman Frank Pallone asserts that shipping is killing the whales, He ignores the wind turbine high decibel sonic booms probably drives the whales from safe waters into the shipping lanes.(3)
  • The Long Beach Island conservation group seems willing to accept offshore wind at 40 miles offshore. (4)
  • Rutgers researchers want a new lab built to study floating offshore wind turbines.(5)  Will floating wind turbines produce anymore unreliable electricity than a fixed turbine?



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(5)` https://www.njspotlightnews.org/video/rutgers-researchers-want-new-lab-to-test-floating-offshore-wind-turbines/


Solar Power

Community Solar Act – Solar subsidy help (1)

  • Governor Murphy signed a solar community bill increasing  the `access’ to solar projects for low and moderate income families.  Joining the solar community results in  a 15% decrease in electricity rates.
  • This all sound wonderful but it is nothing more than a rate reduction for some people, subsidized by others, and developing a lobbying group for solar subsidies.




Liquified Natural Gas

  • President Biden imposed additional restrictions on LNG gas exports which will essentially stop all growth of US exports (1). There was discussion of using Paulsboro as an LNG port. That possibility is now dead.


(1`) https://alexepstein.substack.com/p/bidens-lng-pause-a-deadly-fraud?utm_campaign=email-post&r=z7db2&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email



Electric School Buses

  • The state received about $44 million in federal supplied money to buy electric school busses. Replacing the 8000 diesel powered school buses has been a demand of environmental groups for years.
  • Are electric school buses superior to diesel buses?  Who knows?
  • A fully transparent cost benefit analysis of electric and diesel buses is never made and compared side by side.
  • Instead,  the main comparison is electric buses are `green’ and the diesel buses are cheaper.


(1)` https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2024/01/big-funding-boost-electric-school-buses-ev-infrastructure/


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Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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