NJ Energy Report – November 2023

NJ Energy Report – November 2023

Actions and comments affecting the New Jersey energy supply.


Energy Supply

Offshore Wind Turbines

Orsted Offshore Wind Cancellation  (1)

  • While the Ocean Winds cancellation is great news, do not think offshore wind power is dead in NJ. It is wounded but far from dead and it will be coming back. (1)
  • Atlantic Shore is still going forward and economics killed OW1-2, not whale deaths or shore group opposition. Biden cause inflation was the primary culprit of the cost increases.
  • The climate cult will regroup and develop ways to hide and sell the high cost of offshore wind. The cancellations exposed the offshore wind high cost, now subsidies and fear will be used to push through additional projects.
  • The next arguments may be even though wind costs are high, the cost of environmental catastrophes are massively higher. We can expect increased projections of highly destructive storms and sea level rises. These will bombard us even more than they do today.
  • Massively high cost estimates will begin to accompany every catastrophe projection. Guesses of deaths accompanying the storms will appear. Comparison to storms and deaths in the undeveloped world will be implied. It will take time but massive increases in electric rates will look better than a year in an environmental refugee camp required because of the massive storms which could have been prevented by wind turbines.


  • (1) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2023/10/danish-developer-cancels-2-nj-offshore-wind-projects-gov-phil-murphy-slams-decision/


Solar Power

Op-Ed to replace wind with solar power

  • This op-ed advocate replacing all fossil fuel generation with solar generation since wind is currently stalled in installation.(1)
  • All that is required to-do this is cover almost all houses, buildings, and parking lots with solar panels. This can be done easily and with no increase in electric rates.(2)
  • If it is not done, we will have the inevitable climate catastrophe.
  • Of course, what happens when the sun fails to shine or shines at the wrong time is ignored.
  • When significant number of solar panels have been installed, electric rates have gone up. What does the author propose to do differently that other solar installers have done to ensure there is no rate increase



Electric Vehicles (Cars)

Banning of Gasoline Car Sales (1)

  • Governor Murphy signed off on a rule which prohibits the sale of ICE cars in New Jersey staring in 2035.(1) (2)
  • While couched in improving the environment, the rule imposes a mandate that residents must purchase inferior and non-cost effective electric and hybrid vehicles starting at that time.
  • This action is merely central planning and the belief that political will is the sole criteria for combating climate change.
  • The economic effect of cost, grid reliability and vehicle range were ignored.
  • The actual alleged measurable improvement environmental effects were also ignored.
  • The real reason for this rule is to impose an inferior method of transportation upon New Jersey residents.(3) (4)


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  • (2) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/video/njs-new-electric-car-requirement-like-it-or-not/
  • (3) https://energytalkingpoints.com/bidens-ev-policy/
  • (4) https://energytalkingpoints.com/electricity-emergency/


Electric Vehicles (Buses)

Purchasing Diesel buses (1)

  • The New Jersey Transit agency ordered 750 diesel buses instead of electric busses. (1)
  • The action showed they wanted buses that can reliably move people and not virtue signal people.
  • Reality, not ideology, won this time.


  • (1)https://www.njspotlightnews.org/video/environmentalists-fault-nj-transit-for-ordering-750-new-diesel-buses/
  • https://www.njspotlightnews.org/video/school-districts-seek-more-funding-for-electric-buses/


Grid Improvements (1)

Financing Grid Modifications (2)

In a step seen as long overdue, the Legislature is considering pumping as much as a half-billion dollars into modernizing the state’s aging electric power grid.

  • Proposals by the utilities to increase energy efficiency should be questioned with what are the actual modifications? How much energy will the modifications save? What is the cost of the modifications.(1)
  • The current grid modification and energy efficiency calls are to socialize grid cost for the solar industry and to force electrification to increase demand for the renewable energy industry.(2)
  • Ensuring the grid, the wiring, transformers, and other components are maintained and supported is a primary responsibility of the utilities and PJM, the grid distribution agency.(3)
  • However, the recent the proposed state senate bill for grid upgrades is mainly to pay for the solar industry connections to the grid.
  • This cost has been hidden and if charged to the solar industry, increases solar energy costs.



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