Obama “spite” shutdown of open air parks just like Corzine 2006 “spite” shutdown of Atlantic City casinos to get 7% sales tax.

I often visited the Vietnam and Lincoln memorials day and night?over the years without ever seeing a government employee there.

The Government?probably spent more money on rangers to keep people out of parks and monuments during shutdown, than to police them when they were open.

The Constitutional basis for government shutdowns is Article I, Section 9 of which states, ?No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law (i.e. tax and spending bills introduced by House pursuant to Article I, Section 7, and then approved by Senate and President)?.

Obama makes a mockery of this by spending money to shut down parks out of spite, that would be open to public if no money were spent.??? Obama and Senate Democrats also?turn the Constitution on its head by refusing to approve spending introduced by House for things they agree are necessary?simply to punish people until they give up and pay the ransom–Obamacare and more borrowing.

House Republicans enable these Democrats by agreeing to pay all government employees (who are mostly Obama Democrats) their full salaries and benefits for not working during this period?even though they are ?non-essential?.???House Republicans did not even try to attach this giveaway that mostly benefits?Democrats to any bills advancing?the Republican agenda.

Imagine how many strikes would never end if?companies promised at the beginning that they would automatically pay strikers full back pay when the strike was over!

This same ?spite shutdown? ?technique was perfected by Democrat Governor Jon Corzine in NJ in 2006.?? Corzine wanted big spending hikes, and a 7% sales tax, even though a supermajority of Democrats and Republicans in the ?State Legislature opposed them.

When the old budget ran out on June 30, Democratic Governor Corzine refused to agree to any new budget to keep state government running on July 1?unless the new budget included his 7% sales tax and spending hikes.

The casinos are a highly regulated and licensed industry, with almost all transactions recorded electronically.?? They were perfectly capable of running and paying their taxes for a few days without state government employees looking over their shoulders.

But Corzine had his state police and Division of Gaming Encorcement shut down ?all Atlantic City casinos to shut down during July Fourth weekend.? This caused more economic damage to Atlantic City than Hurricane Sandy.

But holding the casinos hostage paid a big ransom to Corzine.?? He got his 7% sales tax and all the spending he wanted.

Corzine was voted out of office after one term, and replaced by Republican Chris Christie.

But in four years, neither Christie, nor any other Republican or Democrat ever suggested that we roll the sales tax back to 6%.

It seems politicians will do all sorts of reckless things to hurt all sorts of people raise taxes and spend more.?? But they always find excuses not to cut taxes or spend less.?? Seth Grossman? October 10, 2013

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