Orsted Began Sham Ocean Wind Turbine Hearing With Big Lie.

Last night, Orsted held another sham public hearing for its “Ocean Wind 2” project.  Orsted plans to build 98 giant wind turbines 15 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean near Ocean City, New Jersey.

Orsted also plans to build another hundred wind turbines for its “Ocean Wind 1” project near Atlantic City and Brigantine.  Last night’s hearing was for Orsted to get state permits needed to run electric cables under the park and playground owned by Ocean City near 34th Street. Those cables would connect the wind turbines in the ocean to power lines near the closed power plant by Parkway Milepost 28 in Marmora.

Orsted needs to persuade the NJ Board of Public Utilities that there is a “public need” to do this.

Orsted held last night’s public hearing on Zoom.  Roughly 244 people logged in.  Roughly two dozen spoke.  All comments were limited to three minutes.  Katharine Perry pictured on the right is the “Permit Manager” for Orsted.  She opened the hearing with this big lie:  “The Ocean Wind 2 project will power 500,000 homes”.

Last night’s hearing was a sham because New Jersey Governor Murphy already declared a “public need” for wind turbines in the ocean.  Last year, Governor Murphy declared in an Executive Order a “need” for 750 wind turbines in the ocean off New Jersey by 2030.  Last September, Murphy declared a “need” for a thousand ocean wind turbines by 2040.

The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is a New Jersey state government agency.  It was created during the 1930’s Great Depression to protect consumers from big rate hikes by private electric companies. Today the BPU does the opposite.  Today it forces private electric companies to pay for unproductive wind and solar energy projects with big rate hikes.  During the past two years, the BPU made commitments to raise electric rates for the next 20 years to pay for the thousand ocean wind turbines ordered by Governor Murphy.

Roughly 240 people attended tonight’s sham hearing through Zoom.  Roughly two dozen spoke.  Katharine Perry, Orsted’s “Permit Manager” opened the hearing by falsely claiming that the 98 giant wind turbines of the “Ocean Wind 2” project “will power 500,000 homes”.

I spoke for three minutes on behalf of LibertyAndProsperity.com

I began by refuting Orsted’s claim that 98 wind turbines will power 500,000 homes.  The truth is that nobody knows if those wind turbines will power any homes.  That is because nobody has done the experiments or clinical trials needed to find out.

Orsted’s claim is as fake as the false claim made by the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) about the five wind turbines in Atlantic City.  For years, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) claimed that those five wind turbines “can power 2,000 homes”.

Since I only had three minutes, I could not give details.  I simply said those claims falsely assume that the wind will blow at a steady 28 miles per hour, every hour of every day, seven days a week, 52 weeks each year.  They falsely assume that no backup generators using fossil fuel are ever needed.  They falsely assume that most households use as much electricity at night when they are sleeping, as they do when they are using electric appliances to cook, clean and do other chores.  They failed to mention that wind energy, when not needed at the moment, must be dumped and wasted. Otherwise, it would fry the grid.  Wind and solar energy cannot be stored.

I also referred to the well researched book,  Apocalypse Never,  by Michael Shellenberger.  Shellenberger, a respected environmentalist, explained all this when he spoke at the Music Pier in Ocean City, NJ last summer.

How can we stop these wind turbines and at least 30 years of massive rate hikes to build them, fix them, and eventually remove them?

Obviously testifying at last night’s hearing did nothing.  However, here are some things we can do:

  1. Use every opportunity and public forum to explain the real science of climate change and fake, so-called green energy.
  2. That includes explaining how the earth’s climate has been changing for billions of years, and that many things, besides carbon dioxide, may be causing it. It includes explaining that if carbon dioxide is a problem, it is a very small problem that can easily be managed by building nuclear power plants, not wind turbines or solar panels.
  3. That includes teaching real science and the scientific method in our public schools and colleges again.
  4. We must also identify and support political candidates who understand and promote real science, and who will stand up to the fake science, fake green energy mafia.
  5. We need to understand, support, and defend our New Jersey State Constitution. We must especially understand the need to use it end all direct and indirect government subsidies of wind turbines.  The only way to stop the building of unproductive, money-losing wind turbines is to stop raising electric rates to pay for them.

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