Orsted Fail, Solar Panel Scam, Peck Election Fake.

Election Day is Nov. 7, 2023. The last possible day to vote. Better to vote early as you can.

Listen to audio clip from Nov. 4 2023. Seth Grossman featured guest on WPG Radio’s ‘Talk with a Purpose’ with host John Demasi.

The Liberty and Prosperity calendar is out. Getting grant from NJ State was tough. Forced to document each source.

Get the vote out. Jesse Kurtz of the 6th ward in Atlantic City.

George Bush. Help America Vote Act.

Dirty tricks in this election cycle. Questionable candidate, Shawn Peck on the ballot, only to confuse. Take votes from NJ Senator Polistina. Fake committee.

Abortion issue. Mandatory coverage by health Insurance. Forcing doctors and nurses to perform abortion.

Daylight savings time. Classic example of Govt socialism. Progressive mindset.

Victory over Orsted. Yet, Atlantic Shores still alive.

Thx to Ocean City Council members. Ocean City Music Pier event with Micheal Shellenberger. Local press ignored the event.

Fake Green Energy. Sales pitch: solar panels. Money laundering scheme? Scam?

Media mischaracterization. Press of Atlantic City.

Meet for breakfast. Sal’s Café. Every Saturday morning. Somers Point.

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