Please support our major fundraiser with Frank Fiamingo Sunday, Feb 23.

11 AM?? Limited Seating Breakfast: ? $250 followed by

1PM to 3PM:?? Wine, Cheese, and So Much More Reception: ? $75 person, $100 couple

This Year?s Speaker for both events:?? Frank Jack Fiamingo: ? ?NJ’s most unlikely, yes most effective 2d Amendment advocate and organizer. ?This one event supplies most of our funding for the entire year. ?We cannot continue without your support. ? Thanks.


Frank Fiamingo is the retired owner of a well-known and successful computer consulting business. ? He ?did not grow up with guns and never thought much about them.?? His brother in Florida introduced Frank to shooting sports as age 61.??? Frank applied for his first ?New Jersey Firearms Purchaser Identification card when he got home

Frank, like all legal gun owners, ?was fingerprinted and put through New Jersey?s rigorous system of? criminal and mental health background checks, including a thorough search of all medical records. ? When he got his card and legally purchased his gun, he quickly found out how ?strict, arbitrary, unreasonable, ?confusing, and contradictory they were. ? They created so many needless ?traps that many capable, law-abiding citizens were in constant danger of inadvertent violations and severe punishment–all in violation of the Second Amendment of U.S. Constitution. ? But violations of these gun laws were plea-bargained away so often by judges and prosecutors that they did little to keep guns out of the hands of the most dangerous criminals.

In July of 2010, Frank and nine others formed the New Jersey Second Amendment Society ( to recommend ?sensible reforms to New Jersey gun laws that would protect the Constitutional rights of law abiding, mentally capable citizens, while protecting the public from criminals and the mentally ill.

That was when Frank Fiamingo first learned New Jersey politics.?? He spoke with dozens of lawmakers who did not know what was in the laws they created or how they affected people.??? He saw politicians loudly say one thing in public, and then do the opposite in private.??? He discovered who made big money from politics with campaign donations that eleced and influenced politicians.??? He learned how major newspapers? and radio and TV stations ?enable all this by distorting, manipulating, or ignoring major news stories.

In building NJ2AS into an effective grass-roots organization with thousands of members, Fiamingo also learned how most ordinary citizens were as clueless about ?politics and he was during most of his adult life.

Frank Fiamingo is the perfect speaker to explain why ?Rules matter!? and why we must ?Do more than vote!?

For tickets, send your payment to, 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ ?08244, call (609) 927-7333 or use the PayPal button below.?


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