Regular Breakfast Discussion Tomorrow (Sat., Dec. 21) 9:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. (College) Kids eat free!

Free breakfast for college students home for holidays.?? (No meeting next Saturday, December 28 between Christmas and New Year?s Day)

Topics for discussion:

?1.? ?We need your help for TV spot.?? To teach the importance of our Constitution, and applying laws equally to everyone, our proposed TV spot included two football scenes.??? First, we want to show a football player running across the goal line and scoring a touchdown?and then having 20 points go up on the scoreboard instead of 6.?? Second, we wanted to show a kicker missing the field goal and kicking the ball far to one side?But the referee putting both hands up in the air, and the scoreboard advancing 3 points.

Unfortunately, our producer told us that all of this footage is protected by copyright laws.??? The only way we can get this footage is to get old movie clips from 1930?s?or to get some school or amateur league to do these film clips for us.? And this means getting consent forms signed by everybody who is filmed.??? If you can get this footage for us in any way, please contact us at as soon as possible.

2.? The Atlantic Club Casino announces it will close in three weeks.?? This is four years after we warned that spending $400 million of state taxpayer and pension fund money to bail out the failed Revel Casino project would destroy as many jobs as it created.?? And after we warned that the 13% state hotel tax, plus the 3% luxury tax, plus the casino garage parking tax, plus the high county, school, and local property tax, plus the double electric bills to pay for ?green? energy, etc. were killing Atlantic City casinos.?? No Liberty = No Prosperity.

3.? Four ex-NJ governors falsely support the watermelons (eco-green on outside, communist red on inside) in claiming that running one 24 inch natural gas pipeline underground through 10 miles of the 1.1 million acres of Pine Barrens will somehow ruin the water supply and wildlife there.?? They are Democrat Governor Brendan Byrne, who gave us NJ?s first 2.5% income tax in 1976, Republican Tom Kean, who kept Byrne?s income tax, and then raised the 3% sales tax to 5% and hiked the income tax to 3.5%, Democrat Governor Jim Florio, who doubled the State income tax to 7%, and Republican Governor Whitman who promised to roll back Florio?s tax hike before the election, but who kept 93% of it afterwards.

?4.? Did House Speaker John Boehner?s betrayal of and attack on Tea Party conservatives change your opinion of our own Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo??? If so, what do you plan to do about it?

?5.? How can NJ? conservatives win respect in June 3, 2014 Primary Elections.?? Democrat Cory Booker will be running for re-election.??? All 12 NJ Congress members will be up for re-election, along with many mayors, council members, Township Committee members, and county freeholders, clerks, and sheriffs.??? Republican and Democrat leaders ?huddled to put their tickets together last month, right after Thanksgiving??? If you want to be a candidate or help a candidate, learn how to organize an effective campaign.

?6.? Chris Christie to Margate citizens on artificial sand dunes, ?Drop dead!???? The citizens of Margate lived through the floods of 1938, 1944, 1963, 1991, and non-Hurricane, full moon tide Sandy in 2012.?? They know that their wooden seawall protected their town better than artificial sand dunes, and that dunes do nothing to stop floods from the Bay.??? For that reason, they voted two to one against the state Dune project last November.?? But Governor Christie and his Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) stooge Bob Martin said the votes of Margate citizens mean nothing.

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If you like this update, please forward it to your friends and family.? If you don?t like any of our views?please contact us or meet with us at a Saturday breakfast and try to ?persuade us we are wrong.

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