Sole Purpose Of UNRWA United Nations Agency Is To Destroy Israel. And America Pays For It!

Someone forwarded me this November 16, 2023 “Israel Update” from “David”.  I don’t know who David is but I checked his source, Dr. Rephael Ben-Ari.  Click here for his original research paper that provides most of the information for this post:

UNRWA: Blurring the Lines between Humanitarianism and Politics (

I am going to explain here something that you will not hear anywhere in Western Media, even Israeli media will not cover it, I am not even sure most Israeli government or IDF (Israel Defense Force) leaders fully understand it.

My source is a Doctor Rephael Ben Ari, Dr. for Israel Studies, a scholar from the right.  It will hopefully make you understand at a new level above any other media.
Today’s news is that Israel is delivering a “a large amount of fuel” to the UNRWA.”    UNRWA is a United Nations organization.  It is short for “United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East”.

You may think they are some “Scandinavian innocent peace workers”.  LOL.

UNRWA was founded in 1949 after the independence of Israel.  It was set up to take care of Palestinian refugees.  Why is UNRWA needed? The UN already had an agency to help and settle millions of refugees around the world after World War II.  It was called the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Why did the UN set up a separate UN agency just for Arab refugees from Palestine?  The short answer was that the special UN “refugee” agency for Arabs from Palestine was set up in 1949 to destroy Israel.

I will explain.  When someone escapes a war zone they are “refugees”.  They need help.  Once they get citizenship they are no longer “refugees”.  The term refers to the person himself, not his newly born kids and grandkids who are already members of society and have their own homes and live regular lives. etc…

The UNRWA is different. Every Arab (Palestinian) who was born in Israel remains a “refugee”. Him and his first and second wife, the newly born kids in Canada, the UK, the US or anywhere, they are all “refugees”.  Second generation, third, forth sixth generation are all refugees. It is a unique rule. Its purpose it to destroy Israel bv keeping the descendants of Arabs who left Israel 75 years ago stuck in the past.  No UN agency has done this for any other refugees from any other wars.

Also, almost all Arab nations are deliberately preventing Arabs whose grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. left Israel in 1949 from assimilating to keep this problem for Israel.  In Gaza, the Arabs or Palestinians have had their own government and have been their own nation since 2005.  They could have been as self-supporting and prosperous as Hong Kong by now.

In 1949, about 700,000 Arabs left what is now Israel.  At about that time, about 700,000 Jews were forced to live Arab countries.  All of the Jewish refugees quickly built new lives for themselves in Israel and in other countries they moved to. However, UNRWA treats the 6 million descendants of the 700,000 Arab refugees of 1949 as refugees today!  This is almost as big as the whole Jewish population of Israel today.

And I have to mention that those 700,000 Arabs who left what is is now Israel in 1949 left because they lost the genocidal war they started against the Jews then. So their descendants grow.

There were 400,000 Arabs in Gaza in 2005 when they gained self-rule.  There are now more than two million.  They increased their population by more than 500% in less than 20 years.  In is normal for an Arab man to have several wives and more than a dozen children. Half the population of Gaza is under 18 years of age. And now they all claim a “right of return” to Israel.. It is a key Palestinian demand.

The UNRWA of the United Nations has about 30,000 employees in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Syria. Most of them have cars, trucks, salaries, offices, budgets, etc. Most of this is  paid for by UN and European Union money.  These employees also have power.  They give out food, and rice and flour etc….  They give out cooking fuel and building supplies. When Hamas started in around the 70s and 80s they had a smart leader named Ahmed Yassin.  He started in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, an organization of the Wahhabi Islamic cult.
Yassin insisted that his Muslim Brotherhood organization control all organizations in Gaza. They included the Teacher Union, the Doctors Association, Firefighters, you name it.  They either took control nicely or violently.  But taking over UNRWA was a problem.  It required academic diplomas.  So Hamas took over the Gaza University in 1983-84. They consider it one of their greatest achievements.  As a result, all UNRWA, its employees, salaries, budgets, food, supplies, vehicles, and offices are kind of an arm of Hamas.  But it’s all free for Hamas. The UN is paying.  Thousands of people get budgets and are under total control of the Hamas.

Generally speaking, there is nothing in Gaza that is not Hamas.  So you get the UNRWA people with their uniforms but are also like everyone else working under Hamas.
So a week ago a liberal threw at me the number of dead kids in Gaza as a blame.  I said, Who said so?” And he said “The UN, UNRWA.” As if it is some impartial international peace keeping force.

The Islamic Jihad exists in Gaza only because they are under permission of Hamas. Otherwise, Hamas would have killed them off  like they did to the PLO long ago.

I remember a few days ago listening to a main network, NBC or CNN I don’t remember,  and the lady presenting the news said “The IDF is bombing the REFUGEE CAMP”. The way she said “refugee camp” was as if IDF is attacking helpless refugees. There were refugees 75 years ago in 1948 we are in 2023!

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