Stockton’s “Success” In “Economic Development” Designed To Distract From Failure To Provide Useful, Affordable Education

Stockton was created 50 years ago to provide quality college education at an affordable price. At one time it did that. A summer of work paid for a year of room, board, and tuition. Stockton once gave local student skills they needed to pursue successful careers. Today, Stockton’s high tuition and fees put students and their families into unsustainable debt for most of their lives.  Students today graduate with few skills needed to succeed. They are instead taught to falsely blame their parents, their grandparents, country, the “system”, and always somebody else,  for every failure or disappointment in life. Stockton does these expensive “economic development” programs to distract from fact that it is a total failure in its primary mission.

This comment was posted in response to 6/30/2021 PressofAtlanticCity article:  Click here for link:  Stockton recognized for innovation by national college association | Education |

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