Superbowl, Black National Anthem, Woke Media.

Superbowl should unify, so why the Black National Anthem? Lift Every Voice is a Black Civil Rights song.

Listen to Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity on WPG Radio. Feb 17, 2024.

‘Talk With A Purpose’ hosted by John DeMasi.

Black Americans excel in many areas, including pro football, pro basketball, pro baseball. Business too.

Django Unchained. Rich whites using black athletes. Inaccurate / fake history.

George Washington’s Birthday is Feb 22. Lincoln on Feb 12. Now all lumped into a general President’s Day, forgetting our founders.

Callaway hit-piece on Fox News, via Jesse Watters.

Callaway became a target when he used his ‘get out the vote’ skills AGAINST Democrats.

NJ Freedom to Read Act. Gov Murphy wants to remove power from local school boards.

Faith and Freedom. Mass deportations needed now.

Soros. Audacy. Radio network of 220 stations.

Buffet purchase of Press of AC. Now Woke.

Radical Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Some like Israel are fighting back against Jihad.

See Putin in his KGB Secret Police uniform.

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