Ten Climate Protesters Are Headline News. No Coverage For “Apocalypse Never” Author And Crowd.

This was headline “news”  in today’s PressofAtlanticCity.  Our daily newspaper reported that “progressive groups converged on the Atlantic City Boardwalk yesterday in support of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure and climate plan.  The protesters called Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew an ‘ostrich’ for opposing it”.  They also paid for a banner plane to fly by with that message.  There were a total of ten protesters representing the following six groups: NJ Working Families, Jersey Girls for Democracy, Who is Van Drew, Our Revolution Atlantic City, Cooper “River Indivisible, and South Jersey Progressive Democrats.

The PressofAtlanticCity published their statements and talking points attacking Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew in detail.

Last month, Michael Shellenberger, Time Magazine’s 2008 “Hero of the Environment” spoke to a much larger crowd at the Ocean City Music Pier.  Shellenberger discussed his book Apocalypse Never.  He explained how “climate alarmism” was doing more harm than good.  Shellenberger denied that there is a climate “crisis”.  He said our climate problems are very manageable and describe specific projects to control them.

Shellenberger explained how the proposal by Orsted, a Danish corporation to build 99 wind turbines in the ocean off of Atlantic City and Ocean City for $1,600,000,000 would cause massive electric rate hikes, but save little fossil fuel.  That is because wind is so unreliable and unpredictable that much electricity from wind turbines would be wasted, and that needed back-up generators waste more money and fossil fuels. Shellenberger also explained how 99 wind turbines in the ocean would threaten the survival of the “right whale”, an endangered species.

Shellenberger explained how building an additional nuclear reactor an an existing site would be safer, and provide all the power we need, without raising electric rates and without the need for costly and wasteful system of back-up generators.

Shellenberger also explained how most recycling programs are fake, and end up with most plastics being shipped to poorly regulated poverty-stricken countries where most plastic waste ends up in rivers and oceans.

Although the Shellenberger attended featured an acknowledged expert with a worldwide reputation, his event was not reported as headline news by the PressOfAtlanticCity.  It was not reported at all.  The fact that he attracted a much larger crowd including covered at all.  Its read was notified in advance, it did not cover the event.  Many local residents and political leaders attended included several Ocean City council members, a Cape May County Commissioner, former Democratic Governor Jim Florio, and other area mayors and officials.

Fake News is not merely the publishing of false information.  Fake News also includes the distortion of reality. This happens when newspapers and other media systematically by publishing insignificant events supporting their political agenda as major news, while refusing to report major events which oppose their agenda.

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