These Kids Are Clueless. But They’ll Be Early Voting In October. We Have Just Two Months To Reach And Teach Them!

These Kids Don’t Have A Clue! But They’ll Be Early Voting In October.  We Have Just Two Months To Reach And Teach Them!


Black Lives Matter Protest in summer resort of Cape May, NJ on July 25.  Photo by Bill Barlow of Cape May Herald.We should not be surprised.  Since childhood, they were systematically taught one Big Lie after another about America. These lies were imbedded in Sesame Street and Captain Planet when they were toddlers. They dominate the online “news” and late night “comedy” they see now. These lies are in almost every chapter of almost every textbook, and in every play, and class from kindergarten to college.  Anyone who openly told the truth was systematically removed from the schools, Hollywood, and TV industry.I was an adjunct professor of history at our local community college.   “Enduring Vision”, the textbook I had to use, said nothing about the Islamic massacres and conquests of two thirds of the Christian world before the Crusades.  It did not mention the Turkish conquest of Constantinople in 1452. (This, not a desire to conquer,  is what chased Christopher Columbus and other Italian merchants out of the Mediterranean and into the Atlantic in a desperate search for other trade routes to the East.)  It did not mention the Creek Indian massacre of almost all 500 white and mixed race men, women, and children living in Fort Mims, Alabama in 1813.  (This is what started the “Creek” or “Indian” Wars that year).

I made a point of teaching events like this left out of the textbook.  However, I did not have tenure, and was not invited back to teach since 2016.  Most of kids coming out of college today never in their lives never had a real conversation with anyone who told the truth about America or supported or defended our country.

“Some of the participants in a protest march in Cape May on July 25 gather in a circle in the water as part of what organizers described as a memorial to lives lost to ‘systemic racism'” Photo by Bill Barlow of Cape May Herald.

Our public schools and colleges have not taught reading, literature, history, or critical thinking during the past 40 years.  However, they do teach students to have lots of self-esteem by praising obedience, conformity, and mediocrity.  Today’s young Americans are confident, certain, and proud of their ignorance!

That is why they have no problem saying it is “racist” to blame China for bringing coronavirus to America, while saying Europeans committed “genocide” when they accidentally brought smallpox and measles to America.

The Biggest Lie taught to these kids was that Americans started slavery! They have no clue that followers of the Prophet captured and sold black Africans as slaves on a massive scale for 800 years before they first started selling them to European merchants.

These kids were never told of how whites outside the South fought peacefully to end slavery for 40 years before the Civil War.  Most have no idea that millions fought, and 310,000 died to end slavery during the war. These kids  were never taught that “capitalism” is a fake Communist propaganda term used to describe a system of based on freedom.   They don’t know that this  freedom and “Yankee Ingenuity” invented the machines that made slavery economically obsolete for the first time in 6,000 years of recorded history.

These kids were never taught that Democrats organized the KKK to kill and terrorize white and black Republicans alike after the Civil War until Republicans stopped them. Their online “news” tells them nothing about young black criminals who attack, rob and kill other blacks every day, or of the incredible courage, discipline, and self-restraint of all but a handful of who called by crime victims to deal with them.

They know nothing of the courage, discipline, and professionalism of Atlantic City police officers like Dan Kramer.  Last June, Kramer, a white police officer, chased Azir Abdullah, a 19 year old black man engaged in a gun fight outside a crowded ceremony for students and families at the Sovereign Ave. Elementary School.  Kramer risked his life to capture the armed criminal without firing his gun. Yet the young protesters in Cape May denounced all police based on the actions of one officer in Minnesota, without saying a word about good officers like Dan Kramer here in New Jersey.  Click here for June 19, 2020 online article “Gunbattle near Atlantic City school leads to chase, road closings, arrest”.  The print edition buried this story on Page 3, while the front page was dedicated to a Black Lives Matter protest at Stockton University.  There was no follow up story explaining the incident in detail  or Kramer’s background.  There were no opinion pieces explaining how Kramer prevented a deadly gunbattle or police killing that could have turned Atlantic City into another Minneapolis or Chicago.

Please click below to read 16 stories that tell the truth about fake claims of  “systemic” or “institutional” racism in America. Then please look for ways to talk about as many as you can to the young people in your family whenever you get a chance.
“400 Years of Racism In America” Lie.  Share Them With your Children”.

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