This Saturday at 9:30 AM. Hear Trevor Loudon of New Zealand connect the dots by Parkway Exit 36.

As we fight NJ Ballot Question #2 this month, find out why?every month, there is a new proposal to tear our country apart.?? Meet Trevor Loudon?at our Breakfast Discussion, this Saturday, October 26 at 9:30 AM at Shore Diner in Egg Harbor Township.?? Details and directions below.

Trevor Loudon is a known and respected New Zealand author and political leader.? He was puzzled in the 1980?s when a mass movement against nuclear powered ships came up out of nowhere in his country.? And why in just a few years,? New Zealand banned ships from the U.S. Navy, its closest ally, from its ports.

After years of research, and access to once secret?Soviet documents, ?Loudon found that officials in the old Soviet Union cooked up the whole plan.?? They trained and paid phony leaders to set up dummy organizations to worked with gullible leaders of established groups to ?advance their agenda.?? Their main goal was to embarrass and weaken the United States?the only nation capable of stopping them.

While doing this research, Loudon found that these Soviet agents did not go out of business when the Cold War ended.?? They still run Russia today as a mafia-like criminal organization.?? Although few believe in?communist philosophy, most?are still addicted to money, power, and ambition.

Although communism is gone, this new?international mafia is more?dangerous than ever.? The former atheists of once ?Communist Russia now work?closely with Jihad Muslims in Iran and “Liberation?Theology” Catholics in Venezuela because they all?share the same goal?destroy America?the only nation and culture ?that stands in their way.

According to Loudon, the entire ?progressive? agenda, from Obamacare, illegal immigration, expensive ?green? energy that shuts down oil and coal fields, Common Core, Agenda 21, radical anti-gun laws, opposition to the military,? and radical demands?that divide us on social issues is carefully designed, and planned by this new international mafia to weaken and destroy America.??? With the help of? ?useful idiots? in this country.

For 60 years, the mainstream media and Hollywood culture conditioned?us to dismiss these?ideas?as?paranoid delusions of right wing extremists.

But before you?dismiss Loudon?t conclusions,?hear his facts, ask questions, and draw your own conclusions.??? Meet him for breakfast this Saturday, October 26 at 9:30 AM at the Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads, by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township.

There is no charge for the event, but we do ask that you order breakfast from the the Shore Diner?s outstanding menu since they are not charging for the room.? We also ask you to donate $5 towards Loudon?s travel expense.

You can also help by buying Loudon?s book, The Enemies Within, ?through us at Follow Trevor Loudon at See his video at

Can you talk to people about NJ Ballot Question #2???? The Liberty NJ Political Committee needs 50 volunteers to distribute literature at train stations and talk to merchants in shopping areas during the next 10 days.??? Stipends (known in Atlantic City as ?street money?) of $50 may be available.? If interested, contact Mark Hutchinson at (609) 569-9958 or

Margate Opposition to Sand Dune Project unites Tea Party Conservatives and Occupy Wall Street ?Progressives?.??? ?Millionaires and Billionaires? in big beach houses working with modest income retirees in small cottages all know that Governor Christie?s big, artificial sand dune project is bad for Margate.??? They organized ?Margate Citizens Questioning Beach Project? to fight the project in Local Referendum on November 5.? Learn more at According to Margate Residents:

Free money from Federal government is very expensive.?? ?The feds will build the dunes.? But then Margate homeowners must pay AT LEAST $20 million to maintain them with expensive union contractors for next 40 years.

  1. Sand dunes not needed for protection in Margate.? Its wide beaches and wooden bulkheads do a better job.?? Margate flood insurance rates are lowest in? NJ.
  2. Most Sandy damage had nothing to do with sand dunes.??? Of 900 building permits for Sandy damage, only 86 were on beach block?mostly for wind damage in high rise condos.
  3. Man-made dunes are ugly, inconvenient, and create pools of stagnant water that cause bugs and disease.?? Which is why Jonathan Pitney got rid of the dunes in the first place in 1854!

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