Twitter, Covid, Immigration Invasion, Green Scheme, Wildwood Boardwalk.

Listen to Seth Grossman on WOND Radio from 4.26.2022.

Shadow banned on Twitter. Control the narrative. Elon Musk says he will change all that.

Seth getting over Covid. Calling doctors and the ER. Vaccine effectiveness? Anti-virals. Vitamins & excercise.

Liberty and Prosperty is now 19 years old. An original Tea Party group.

Immigration crisis. An invasion.

At one time, Black Americans thrived in Atlantic City.

Solar panels and wind turbines. The green energy scam. The power that can’t be stored.

Fossil fuels are still needed. At least as a back-up.

The next 2 elections. Nov 2022 and 2024.

Repair of Wildwood Boardwalk by State of NJ.

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