Weekly Update – ‘Fiscal Cliff’, Hurricane Sandy Relief Explained –Current Newspaper Ends Grossman Columns after Six Years



1.???? LIBERTY MOVIE FOR JANUARY?Wednesday January 9th at 6:00pm at the Shore Diner 6710 Tilton Road in EHT for our “Liberty at the Movies” presentation of “The World Without US”.?? What would happen if one day the United States were to withdraw it’s military from around the world? “The World Without US” explores the future of a world in which the United States reverts to isolationism, withdrawing its military presence and leaving countries to manage international conflicts on their own. Filmmaker Mitch Anderson has embarked on a journey across twenty countries in search of weather U.S. involvement is ultimately beneficial or detrimental to the fabric of global stability.?? See trailer at:? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py4jVOJDwXU.

2.???? ?Major Liberty and Prosperity Fundraiser—Sunday, February 24.?? Carisbrooke Inn,? 105 South Little Rock Avenue (by Boardwalk) Ventnor,? NJ.? Guest Speaker:? Rick Shaftan, Veteran Pollster with statistics that prove, ?Republicans win when they campaign for Liberty?And lose when they don?t?.?? Morning breakfast limited to ten seats:?? $250?? Afternoon reception with wine, cheese, and a whole lot more from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM:?? $75 per person, $100 for two.??? Buy your tickets via PayPal at http://www.libertyandprosperity.org, mail your check to 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ? 08244, or contact any member.?? We urge each member to pick up and personally sell at least three tickets.?? This is our only major fundraising event of the year.?? We need to raise $12,000 to maintain our current level of activity.

3.???? ?REGULAR BREAKFAST DISCUSSION? next Saturday, January 12 from 9:30AM to 10:30 AM.??? Business Meeting open to all Voting and Non-Voting Members from 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM.? ?Shore Diner. Tilton and Fire Roads in Egg Harbor Township.? by Parkway Exit 36.?? Business/Board Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month at 10:45 A.M. right after Breakfast Discussion.??? Please note that 2013 dues of $60 for voting and $30 for non-voting members are now due.?? You must pay your 2013 dues to vote and participate at this month?s meeting.?? Please bring your dues to the meeting, mail them to 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ? 08244, or pay via PayPal at http://www.libertyandprosperity.org.

4.???? Regular live, two way talk radio on 92.1 FM (Vineland) heard in most of South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, Saturday from 8AM to 9AM? Seth Grossman will host this week.? Seth Grossman will also be a guest this Monday, January 7 from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. Monday on 1020AM, WIBG out of Ocean City.

5.???? Why aren?t local Tea Party groups preparing for the June 4 primary election.?? Will the snooze through these elections like they did in 2011????? The Governor, all 40 State Senators, and all 80 New Jersey Assembly members are up for election.??? So are all 42 members (2 from each county) of the Republican State Committee that runs the Republican Party in New Jersey.?????? Because there are no other major elections going on anywhere else in the country except Virginia, the whole country will be looking at New Jersey.??? If Republican Christie wins with an overwhelming majority, he will become the successful role model for every Republican in the country.?? LibertyAndProsperity.org is a tax-exempt, non-political, education organization.??? No officer or director of our organization can run for any political office or manage any political campaign without first resigning from any such position with our organization.

6.???? Only about 5% of voters participate in the June primary election.?? When you vote in June, you have 20 times the voting power as when you vote in November.?? Candidates who run on ?tickets? where the names of candidates for all offices are ?bracketed? together? with a single name or slogan have much better chances of winning.??? There must be a freeholder-at-large candidate for any county-wide ?ticket? to be bracketed together.????? The filing deadline for all petitions for the June 4 primary election is April 1.

7.???? Understanding the ?Fiscal Cliff? Deal:

US Tax Revenue for 300 million Americans per year: $2,170,000,000,000 ($2.17 trillion)
Federal Government Spending Per Year:? $3,820,000,000,000? ($3.82 trillion)
New Debt (Deficit) per year: $1,650,000,000,000? ($1.65 trillion)
Total Outstanding National Debt: $16,200,000,000,000 ($16.4 trillion)? (exact number posted on “debt clock” at home page of http://www.libertyandprosperity.org)
Budget Cuts made by John Boehner/Frank LoBiondo House Republicans in first Budget Deal of 2011:? $38,500,000,000 ($38.5 billion) per year.
Extra Spending for Hurricane Sandy Relief this year Demanded by Republican Governor Chris Christie and Congressman Frank LoBiondo: $60,000,000,000 ($60 billion)
Estimated Yearly Revenue from New Taxes on ?the richest 2%” agreed to by Republican House Speaker Boehner and South Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo:?? $60,000,000,000 ($60 billion)

These are roughly 100 million households in America.?? Here is the share of federal government taxes, spending, and debt for each American family.?? (This does NOT include ?off-budget? debts and obligations like social security, Medicare, government and non-government pension obligations and guarantees,? debts of Fannie Mae, Fr1eddie Mac, or Federal Home Mortgage Agency, or obligations to the IMF-International Monetary Fund.?? Those obligations are estimated at $86 trillion, or $860,000 per family.?? This also does not include New Jersey state government debt of??$271 billion ($101,000 per family)

Annual Federal Taxes Collected per Family:?? $21,700
Money Spent by Federal Government per Family:? $38,200
New Cash Advances on
Federal Government ?Credit Card Cash Advances? Per Year per?Family:? $16,400
Outstanding Balance on Federal Government Credit Card per Family:?? $164,000
Total budget cuts per year per family under Republican Budget Deal of 2011:? $385
Proposed Extra Spending for Hurricane Sandy Relief this Year:? $600
Proposed Extra Money to be taken from 2% of? richest families per year:? $600

The ?Fiscal Cliff? deal agreed to by the John Boehner/Frank LoBiondo Republicans in Congress in the summer of 2011 was supposed to cut the deficit in half? with?110 billion per year ($1,100 per year per family) spending cuts and?$400 billion per year ($4,000 per family) of tax hikes.?? However, neither House Republicans, Republican President Mitt Romney, nor any other Republican ever defended,? explained, or campaigned on their plan, or showed any?intention of going through with it.???Instead, they called their own plan a ?fiscal cliff? and made a last minute deal to avoid it, just before it would go?into effect.

Instead, House Republicans made a new deal to cut federal government spending by $17 billion ($170 per family) and raise taxes by $60 billion per year ($600 per family) with a special tax hike on 2% of Americans.??? (The other 98% or OK with this?especially the 47% who pay no federal taxes?until the 47% figure out they can now team up with the 13% employed by the government or who get more government benefits than they pay?and now demand even more tax hikes on the remaining 40%!)

Bottom Line:?? Two years after 50 Tea Party Conservatives put Republicans back in control of Congress in 2010, the Federal Government continues to spend?$1.633 trillion dollars more than it takes in each? year.? It is like a?family?with an income of $21,700?spending $16,333 per year more than it takes in!?? And asking the?credit card company to increase its present credit limit of $164,000.

How long will China, the Arabs, the Social Security “trust” fund and most pension funds continue to loan money to the federal government at 1.1% interest, knowing they will never be paid back???? As long as the loans keep coming, it is business as usual.??? Once the loans stop, it?will be like when the music stops in musical chairs where only 3 people out of 10 will have a seat (i.e. savings).????Who is holding your savings??? How safe will they be when the music stops?

8.???? ?Why are New Jersey Republicans like Chris Christie demanding that the Federal government spend $60 billion it doesn?t have on ?Hurricane Sandy Relief??

a.??Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution?does NOT give, and was never intended to give ?Congress the power to tax?some Americans and give it to others as ?private charity?.?????Our Founders hated the English King and Parliament when they taxed the English colonies in?India and America to benefit?friends and political supporters (and voters) in England.?? They were very careful?NOT to give that power to the new?Federal Government they created in 1787.

b.? Roughly 85% of the?proposed $60 billion “Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill” money is “pork” that has nothing to do with New Jersey and New York damage from the storm last October.???This started when?George Bush and a Republican Congress voted billions of dollars for New York after the September 11, 2001 attacks–and earmarked?much of that money for projects that had nothing to do with the victims in the Pentagon and World Trade Center.????To?”encourage Americans to travel again? (and reward members of Congress who voted for the bill), billions of dollars went to open up motels and Taco Bills in Kansas, Oklahoma and other projects all over the country.???But nobody challenged that spending because there was ?an emergency? and ?no time for debate?.??? Ditto for Hurricane Katrina relief in 2005.N

c.? New Jersey is a wealthy state, with only 2 Senators and 12 House representatives?in Congress.? As a result,? New Jersey ranks dead last and gets only 61 cents back for every dollar we pay in Federal taxes.?? (Mississippi, New Mexico, and oil rich Alaska get back about $2 for every dollar they? pay in federal taxes.)???By supporting big federal government ?relief? for? every bad storm,? Republican Governor Christie made himself a ?useful idiot? that will soon have New Jersey taxpayers funding all sorts of new ?disaster relief? programs all over the country.???? In the past, the military used people and equipment it already had to help people in emergencies.?? Giving massive government charity after emergencies?started less than?30 years ago.

d.?? Why should?the Federal government?pay $9 billion so the Federal Flood Insurance Agency?can?pay claims.???? If any private insurance company collected claims for many years, but didn?t have money to pay claims, wouldn?t somebody go to jail???? Why isn?t the Federal Flood Insurance Program collecting enough premiums to pay claims????? Do we really need welfare for people?who build million dollar vacation homes right next to the water, when they know there will be floods every?25 or 30 years?????Why should middle class taxpayers who can’t afford vacation homes bail them out?

e.? Republican Governor Christie says people in New Jersey ?are still hurting? from the storm more than two months later.???? But aren’t they hurting because they have no?jobs, savings, and real insurance from real private insurance companies?like they did after previous storms????? Or are people in New Jersey really hurting because of the?high taxes, high electric bills, and expensive ?pay to play? politics of?Democrat Obama and Republican Christie that killed the New Jersey economy.?? Christie buried Atlantic City when he closed the casinos for a week and let the TV networks falsely report that the Atlantic City Boardwalk was destroyed, when there was no Boardwalk damage whatsoever?except for the section in the Inlet that was destroyed 20 years ago!

f.? Most of the ?Hurricane Sandy? billions will pay union contractors and union dues.??? Federal law (Davis-Bacon Act) requires?only lets ?union contractors (and a handful of others who somehow can? comply with all the rules made up by the unions) do work paid for by the federal government.??? When President Bush tried to make an? exception to allow non-union contractors to do emergency home repairs after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he was blocked by two Republican Congressmen who depend heavily on AFL-CIO Union money for their campaigns.???One was Republican Congressman Steve LaTourette of Ohio.?? The other was Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo of South Jersey.??? The? building trades unions borrowed millions of dollars to bankroll the re-election campaign of? Democrat President Barack Obama.???? They laugh at?Republicans in Congress who are dumb enough to borrow and spend $60 billion of federal money ?to help them collect enough union dues to pay that money back.

g.? New Jersey made it illegal to ?gouge? profits from an emergency.??? The attorney general brought charges against motels, gas stations, and retail stores who charged extra for scarce batteries during the storm.?? So why is a big part of the $60 billion federal aid being used to pay double time and time and a half overtime for police and other government workers whose main job was to stop citizens from going back to their own homes and businesses long after the storm was over?

8. No more weekly columns by Seth Grossman in the Current and Gazette newspapers.??? From July of 2006 until the last Christmas edition of 2012, Seth Grossman?s 750 word column ?LibertyAndProsperity.org was read by more than 50,000 people in Atlantic and Cape May counties each week?and it had an enormous impact.???? Now that he is banned from Stockton College and cancelled by the Current-Gazette Newspapers, Seth Grossman is looking for other ways to express his views.? Meanwhile, we encourage you to re-post, tweet, and forward this message to everyone on your list.

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