Weekly Update – We need you tomorrow (Saturday) to let Sen. Joe Kyrillos know that Liberty and Prosperity is strong.


1.? SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER this Saturday Morning, May 5?State Senator JOE KYRILLOS, candidate for U.S. Senate in the June 5 Republican primary election.??? He is endorsed by all major Republican organizations, and is almost certain to be the Republican candidate against incumbent liberal Democratic Senator Bob Menendez in November.?? Kyrillos is a close personal friend of Republican Governor Chris Christie.? It is very important that we have a large turnout so that he (and Christie) understand what issues are important to us, and that we have a significant following.? He will speak at our regular breakfast, 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM tomorrow (Saturday, May 5) at the Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads, (by Parkway Exit 36), Egg Harbor Township, NJ.??? Everyone who? wants government to secure liberty and prosperity is welcome.? There is no obligation to join or pay dues.? The only obligation is to buy a great breakfast at the Shore Diner.?? A special reduced priced menu is available.??? (Mike Doherty and Anna Little dropped out of the race.?? Bader Quarmout, another candidate spoke to us two weeks ago.? Joe Rullo, another candidate, will speak to us on May 19.

2.? MONDAY, MAY 7? at 7:00 P.M.:? AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY ECONOMIC FREEDOM TOUR at Ocean City Library, 1735 Simpson (17thStreet), Ocean City, NJ.??? Learn about economic freedom and how liberty and freedom creates prosperity.?? Then learn important Facebook and Twitter techniques to be more effective in delivering our message of liberty and prosperity to others.??? For details, go to http://www.EmbraceEconomicFreedom.com.

3.? TUESDAY, MAY 8, at 6:30 P.M.:?? THE SAME AFP ECONOMIC FREEDOM TOUR will be at the Absecon Clarion Suites, 342 White Horse Pike, Absecon, NJ.??? We are grateful to Steve Lonegan for giving us two opportunities to achieve our dual mission:??? Learn how? and why liberty brings prosperity?and how and why tyranny and despotism destroy it.?? And how to effectively teach our message of liberty.

4.??? MOVIE ?IRANIUM?:? WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, at 6PM.??? ?Shore Diner 6710 Tilton Road (by Parkway Exit 36) in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.? ??Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the Iranian regime has been following the principles installed by Ayatollah Ruollah Khomeini. Iran’s citizens and the West have been held hostage as the Iranian leadership attempts to spread the revolution beyond Iran’s borders. Now, the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror and brutal violator of human rights stands on the threshold of acquiring nuclear weapons.

5.???? Liberty and Prosperity on the Radio.?? Our Executive Director, Seth Grossman will be a guest on the Larry Trulli and Dan Klein programs on 1020AM WIBG Radio (Ocean City and much of South Jersey) Mondays ?from 8AM to 10 AM until further notice.?? Grossman also hosts his own program on 92.1FM Radio (Vineland and most of South Jersey) Saturdays from 8AM to 9AM.?? We also hold a breakfast discussion every Saturday morning from 9:30 A.M. to 10:30AM that is open to everyone who wants to learn more about liberty.?? It is held at the Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township.

6.???? IMPORTANT BUSINESS MEETING:?? SECOND SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH?RIGHT AFTER THE BREAKFAST ENDS AT 10:30 A.M.??? Many of you are now attending our breakfasts on a regular basis.? Why not take the next step and become a voting member?or even a leadership position as an officer or director?? If interest, please contact Dennis Mahon, Seth Grossman, or any voting member.

7.???? CONDOLENCES TO OUR MEMBER EILEEN WOOD OVER THE LOSS OF HER SON,? BRUCE PARKER.?? Bruce W. Parker, age 41 of Egg Harbor Twp., formerly of Burlington Twp., passed away suddenly on April 26, 2012. Bruce graduated from Burlington Twp. High School in 1988, attending Rider College and graduating from the Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Community College. He was, at one time, co-owner of The Grainery in Ocean City, NJ and worked at several restaurants in the area. His interests were varied and included; music, record collecting, European monarchies, vintage movies and chemistry.

8.???? ??TWO VERY GOOD VIDEOS ABOUT HOW SERIOUS THE FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICIT IS.?? View them, and learn a whole lot more, ?at?our website at http://www.libertyandprosperity.org.?? If you like what you see, forward this e-mail to others.?? If you don?t like what you see, tell us so we can be more effective.

9.???? A SOUR TASTE FROM SOMERS POINT BAYFEST:??? Several months ago, Somers Point adopted a new ordinance that banned public parking near Shore Memorial Hospital without a residential permit.???? It seems that the only purpose of this Ordinance was to force people to pay to park at the new Shore Memorial? Hospital garage.?? The Somers Point Police Department wrote tickets to dozens of visitors to Somers Point Bayfest who were not familiar with the new parking rules–this including several of our members who volunteered to staff our Liberty and Prosperity information tent.???We are urging the Somers Point City Council to waive the parking requirements on this particular day to avoid bad publicity— and hurting attendance at future Bayfest and other Somers Point events.

10.???? BECOME A MEMBER.?? You can joint as a non-voting, supporting member for $30 per year and attend and take part in all business meetings.??? Voting members must pay? $60, attend 3 business meetings per year, and participate in at least one volunteer project per year.

Respectfully submitted,

SETH GROSSMAN, Executive Director

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    Seth Grossman is executive director of Liberty And Prosperity, which he co-founded in 2003. It promotes American liberty and limited constitutional government through weekly radio and in-person discussions, its website, email newsletters and various events. Seth Grossman is also a general practice lawyer.

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