Who Paid For Kaleem Shabazz Half-Page “Sponsored Content” of Lies on Orsted Wind In Today’s PressOfAtlanticCity?

This Half-Page Paid Ad on Page 3 of Today’s PressOfAtlantic City Was “Sponsored Content” by Atlantic City “Community Organizer” Kaleem Shabazz.

Who paid for this?  How much did they pay?  How many politicians, environmental groups, and “activists” did they pay?  Kaleem Shabazz is a Democrat community organizer, member of city council, and President of local chapter of NAACP in Atlantic City.  He supports the plan by Orsted Corporation of Denmark to build 99 wind turbines in the ocean in front of Atlantic City for more than $17 million each.  The plan will cause massive hikes in taxes and electric bills.  It will cause frequent power failures.  That is because most wind energy is either wasted or useless.  It comes and goes, cannot be stored, and must be backed up with a duplicate set of generators that constantly burn and waste fossil fuel.
Kaleem Shabazz’s “Sponsored Content” ignores this, and instead repeats Orsted’s big lies that its wind turbines will stop “Climate Change”.  Here is the truth:

  1.  There is no evidence that wind turbines save any fossil fuel.
  2.  Wind turbines have brought nothing but higher taxes, electric bills, and power failures to Denmark, Germany, Texas, and California.
  3. The ocean has always risen, and fallen, and moved sand around.  Some beaches got bigger, some got smaller.  However, there always were and always will be a Jersey shoreline and Jersey beaches wherever beach ends and ocean begins!
  4. Most wind and solar energy is wasted or useless.  The grid needs a constant level of power.  Wind and solar produce either too much or too little.  None of it can be stored for when it is needed.
  5. There is more damage from floods because more people are building more expensive homes closer to the water.
  6. The only reliable “green” energy that actually saves fossil fuels is nuclear power.
  7. France has the lowest carbon footprint and electric bills in Europe because it has the most nuclear power.
  8. If wind turbines really worked, private corporations would make money from the power they produce–not hidden tax hikes and sweetheart deals from politicians — like Kaleem Shabazz!

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