Why Is This Joe Rogan Interview So Dangerous?

On December 30, 2021, Joe Rogan did this three hour interview with Covid/ Coronavirus expert Dr. Robert Malone.  Five days later, Rogan posted the video of that interview as a Spotify podcast.

Click Here For Link To Full Podcast Video:  Joe Rogan Interviews Dr. Robert Malone | Joe Rogan Podcast (bitchute.com)

Click Here for Summary Of That Joe Rogan Interview Posted on the “Rights and Freedoms – Covid-19 (wordpress.com) website:

Rogan and Malone: Most Important Interview of Our Time? – Rights and Freedoms (wordpress.com)

From the Rights and Freedoms Summary:

“The conversation opened with Malone summarizing his bonafides and then describing his approach to engaging his audiences.

“‘I try really hard to get people the information and help them to think, not tell them what to think,’ Malone said.

“Malone was true to his method throughout, being careful to identify fact from speculation, noting what is observed without assuming intent while helping Rogan explore the rabbit holes that we inevitably encounter when choosing to look just a bit further beyond what has become socially acceptable.

“The two spoke of Malone’s recent loss of his Twitter account. The doctor was banned from the platform without warning or explanation. He speculated it may have been due to one or both of his final two tweets, one which brought attention to the Canadian COVID Care Alliance’s summary of the Pfizer trial, the other to the World Economic Forum’s strategy for managing media around COVID.

“Rogan repeatedly voiced his concern around the silencing of opinions from legitimate experts.

“Malone responded:

“‘If it’s not okay for me to be a part of the conversation … even though I’m pointing out facts that may be inconvenient, then who can be allowed? Virtually all others that have [my] background have conflicts of interest…I am not getting any money out of this…’

“Over the next two-and-a-half hours the two demonstrated how we can make sense of conflicting messaging and complex data by asking the right questions and being open to the answers, if they exist.

“The vaccinologist, inventor and staunch advocate for informed consent told his personal story of getting COVID, suffering from long-COVID, getting the Moderna vaccination and suffering adverse events (stage III hypertension, heart arrhythmias, restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy) after the second jab.

“Rogan took full advantage of his time with Malone, asking the questions media refuse to pose to their own identified “experts.”

“The result was a full-scale repudiation of our pandemic response from its inception to the vaccine mandates that are in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

“Malone and Rogan thoroughly probed many angles of our present situation from, T-cell dysfunction to the Trusted News Initiative.Urgent: 3 Ways to Help Stop Biden’s Vaccine Mandates”

Click Here For Home Page and Mission Statement of https://rightsfreedom.wordpress.com

Shortly after this interview, the number of new coronavirus cases in New Jersey and most of America plummeted.  During the next three weeks, the video and summaries of it were widely discussed and shared by conservatives on conservative media and social media.  However, the interview was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

All that suddenly changed on January 26.  On that day, 1960’s singer Neil Young publicly demanded that Spotify either remove the interview or remove his music from the platform.  Spotify chose to remove Neil Young’s music, but “persuaded” Joe Rogan to post a disclaimer about coronavirus information.  Then all hell broke loose, as reported in the New York Times article of January 31, 2022 posted below.


One day later, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called on music and podcast streaming giant Spotify to do “more” in to censor Joe Rogan and “fight against Covid-19 misinformation”.

All this raises troubling question.  Somebody with a lot of money and power obviously spent a lot of time and resources during this three week period to organize this campaign  to punish both Joe Rogan and Spotify.

If the goal was to protect the public from incorrect information given by Dr. Malone, why didn’t  government officials simply issue statements and documents showing the correct information?  If coronavirus cases are rapidly decreasing, why is this issue so important?  Is the goal to protect the public from disease?

Or is their goal to ruin the career of any celebrity or media company that dares to challenge the “correct” narrative.   Is their goal to make an example of Joe Rogan and Spotify so that nobody else does it.  Is this part of a plan to use the full power of government and “woke” corporations to to identify, weaken, and divide political opponents or possible political opponents?  Why else would they wait three weeks before starting their campaign against this coronavirus “misinformation”?  Let’s talk about it!

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