Wind Fail, Israel Cease Fire, Beware Big Government

News that never makes it to the newspapers. Listen to Seth Grossman on WPG Radio. The John DeMasi show of March 16, 2024.

Spirit Airlines. AC to West Palm Beach: $112 round trip. 8 days of parking $96 SJTA.

Did you notice? All 5 ACUA turbines are not turning. No energy being produced.

Democrats want us to be more dependent on WIND.

ACUA does not share proof that their turbines are reducing costs or is affecting global temps.

Senator Testa and Congressman Van drew are the only two South Jersey Republicans fighting back against Other SJ GOPers keeping quiet.

Chuck Schumer support a two state solution.

Radicals teaching: kill a Jew before you die.

Hamas is not a Palestinian group.

Definition of Hamas = continual war for Islam.

The recent Israel cease-fire actually killed more people.

Osama Bin Laden took advantage of a cease fire.

Ramadan celebrates Jihad.

Atlantic City public housing crisis. Stanley Holmes Village.

Government housing. When government gets involved, things get more expensive.

Big Government attracts grifters. Crooked politicians are richly rewarded.

Richard Nixon introduced income tax credits.

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