Woke AI, Sarah Spencer Washington, Craig Callaway.

In Atlantic City, I first learned about Sarah Spencer Washington when Ralph Hunter, a local historian, spoke about her during an event for the TV series “Boardwalk Empire.” Washington’s grandson, Royston Scott, shares her story through his films.

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Washington was a young black woman who moved to Atlantic City from Virginia and started her own beauty salon. She created beauty products for African American hair and skin. Despite facing discrimination, she succeeded through hard work, skills, and by using her freedom and the opportunities in America to grow her business.

Her story highlights America’s possibility for everyone to succeed, regardless of background. However, some believe tales like hers aren’t often told because they don’t fit certain narratives about America’s history with racism.

Recently, our organization became the subject of the news after an interview with Craig Callaway. Jesse Watters from Fox News discussed it, and the interview can be found on our website and YouTube channel.

There’s talk about Lara Trump potentially leading the Republican National Committee and her plans to run a large-scale ballot collection operation, which is legal but controversial.

Callaway’s methods of collecting ballots show it’s not about cheating, but about collecting ballots, which both parties could focus on.

The laws for voting in our country have changed, allowing people to vote easily from home. Some believe this means that people who aren’t well-informed are influencing elections.

The local Republicans, who aren’t as involved in politics as Democrats, are preparing for their upcoming convention to decide on their candidates. Meanwhile, Ballas, a former sheriff is not seeking re-election.

Lastly, we mention Google’s AI model Gemini, which can create images or write articles based on keywords. It’s noted that the results often depicted Black versions of historical figures and professions.

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