The Horrors of Carbon Dioxide

Green Britain faces food shortages as energy crisis shuts down factories We have all heard the narrative and seen articles and comments about how the element carbon is a pollutant (Carbon Pollution). Carbon dioxide will cause unimageable environmental disasters even

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Electric Vehicle Fire Issue   Electric vehicles are not inherently good or bad.  They have some strong points which include they produce no air particulates during operation. There are weak points which include limited range, long charging times and their cost. Their

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More Electric Vehicle Policy Non Solutions “Cars have to be affordable, invest in that battery and make it here, and invest in charging infrastructure,” Wow, here is another deep-thinking politician who can repeat the obvious. Electric cars are too expensive, they have battery issues,

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Energy Fun Facts 9-10-2021

Comments Fun Fact #2 And #3 came from ASME news notices.  Are the ideas expressed economically and technically feasible or not, who knows at this time? Despite all of the predictions in the articles, they are still just ideas that

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