Cut greenhouse gases now, groups tell Murphy     `For the most part, the coalition wants the state to establish a goal for a legally binding requirement to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030, a target set by the International Panel on Climate Change that must be realized to avoid the worst case of runaway climate

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Climate Assertions versus Facts

Cut greenhouse gases now, groups tell Murphy   Assertions `…as well as how the reductions will be achieved by denying permits for new fossil-fuel projects.’ Advocates repeatedly argued the need to stop new fossil-fuel projects, including new pipelines and natural-gas power plants. “Natural gas is not a bridge to the future but a highway over

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Wind Cost Questions for the Legislators

The BPU has imposed the cost of 3,700 MW of unreliable wind energy on the rate payers. Is the energy affordable? Who knows, certainly not the BPU! The New Jersey chemical industry estimates wind and solar will have massive detrimental effects to the industry. This report should set off alarms and investigations. High energy costs

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#ABCNEWS.GO & Associated Press Repeated Orsted Corp. Lies About Wind Turbines As If Undisputed Facts. Didn’t Even Mention That Recognized Expert Michael Shellenberger Refuted Every One Of Them Last Thursday!

Yesterday’s ABCNEWS repost of #AssociatedPress article is classic fake news.  Click here for the full article.   Notice how It repeats all of the lies spewed by #Orsted, a very profitable Danish corporation, as if they were undisputed facts. Yet this typical “mainstream” news article did not even mention that well-known and respected environmental expert Michael

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Why Wind Energy Burns More Fossil Fuels And Causes Massive Rate Hikes.

From Alex Epstein `Energy Talking Points’ Solar and wind are “unreliables” that depend on reliable fossil fuels, nuclear, and hydro infrastructure. They don’t replace the cost of fossil fuels, they add to the cost of fossil fuels. More solar+wind = higher prices. (1) (1) -Solar and wind are intermittent -unreliable- electricity generators. Depending on the

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Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Recycling, Vegan: Classic Symbols & Rituals Of Submission & Sacrifice. Nothing To Do With Science.

That’s why so many Americans no longer respond to facts and logic.  The indoctrination starts with TV and video for toddlers.  It continues at colleges like Stockton.  Dissent is not tolerated.  Blasphemy is ruthlessly punished.   Click this link for details in 18 minute PragerU Video “Religion of Green”. We are a group of roughly 200

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Frederick Douglass Scorned July 4 BEFORE Civil War. Proud Of It Afterwards. Media Lies Again.

It is true that on July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass told a crowd of mostly white supporters that he was embarrassed by July 4 celebrations.  He said that each year, they reminded him of America’s failure to apply the “sentiments” of our Declaration of Independence to black Americans. However, after the Civil War, that same

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Let’s Talk About Massive California Style Rate Hikes & Texas Size Blackouts –Not “Home Rule”!

Wind Turbines are already causing constant blackouts and massive rate hikes in Texas and California.  Wind Turbines 15 miles out in the ocean would make things even worse here in New Jersey.   Why don’t Ocean City council members talk about that, instead of “home rule”? 1.  Wind turbines in the ocean are ridiculously expensive.  Last

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