NJ Energy Report – February 2023

NJ Energy Report – February 2023 Actions and comments in New Jersey affecting the energy supply. Comments The most significant action and event was the release of the estimated cost  (1) of the New Jersey Energy Master Plan (EMP) by

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Many South Jersey Republicans Are Weak

NJ Senator Vince Polistina voted for NJ Gov Phil Murphy’s budget. Did any New Jersey Republican push back against bail reform or rampant shop-lifting? Shoplifting is reason for no supermarket in Atlantic City. Foolishness of only hiring based on DEI.

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SJ Republicans Ignore WOKE Agenda Influence

Listen to Seth Grossman on JOHN DEMASI WPG Radio Show from March 4, 2023. Topics covered: The creator of cancelled comic strip Dilbert, Scott Adams. Modern day Nazi propaganda. Always blame someone else. Create division and hate. Actor Brian Cranston

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Goal is Power and Control. Burning Books.

Inclusion. Unity. Oppression. Nonsense. They want to destroy America. They make stuff up. They want power & control. Seth Grossman was a guest on the John DeMasi WPG Radio Show. LISTEN. These are some topics covered on Feb 18, 2023.

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25 Dead Whales. Wind Turbine Fraud.

Trevor Louden fundraiser discussion. Wind turbines. We have short memories. Seth Grossman on John Demasi Radio Show. Feb 25, 2023. Some years ago, we discovered oil off coast of NJ. Only 2 whales died. Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Audubon etc, went

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NJ Energy Report – January 2023

NJ Energy Report – January 2023 Actions and comments in New Jersey affecting the energy supply Comments Tree planting (1) At one time planting trees, repairing coastal areas and similar activities were known as beautification, maintenance and restoration. Were trees

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