2008 and Now. When Our Civil Liberties Are Denied, ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) Nowhere To Be Found

In 2008, New Jersey Democratic Governor (and also former Goldman Sachs Wall Street Bank executive) Jon Corzine held a series of public “Town Hall Meetings” to promote his plan to “monetize” New Jersey’s toll roads with massive toll hikes.  He said his plan was best and invited citizens to attend the meetings if they “had a better idea”.  Former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan and I and dozens of members of Libertyandprosperity.com came with signs and literature proposing a better idea.  We proposed having New Jersey enforce its State Constitution by refusing to pay any debts not approved by voters as required by Article 8, Section 2.  When we arrived, we were told by police that only signs and literature supporting the Governor’s plan were permitted.  Steve Lonegan and I were arrested when we refused to stop displaying our signs and distributing literature on a public sidewalk outside the meeting hall in Middle Township, Cape May Court House.  

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claims it mission is to defend the U.S. Constitution and defend the Constitutional rights of Americans.  However, it refused to offer any assistance to me or Steve Lonegan.  The Middle Township Public Schools and Police dropped all charges and apologized in less than a week.

This patron of a Bellmawr, NJ gym was arrested for working out at his gym in defiance of Governor Murphy’s Executive Order closing all businesses deemed “non-essential”.  Photo by Associated Press via Guardian UK.

Today, more than 1,500 citizens in New Jersey have been arrested, threatened with arrest, or issued court summonses for violating “Coronavirus Executive Orders” issued by Democrat Governor (and also former Goldman Sachs Wall Street Bank executive) Phil Murphy.  Some were walking on empty Boardwalks or walking on empty beaches.  Some were working out in gyms.  One owner of a tulip farm had invited customers to drive their cars through with closed windows.

Once again, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) showed no interest in defending the Constitutional rights of these citizens.  It seems this organization only takes cases that promote left-wing causes designed to weaken and destroy our Constitution–not cases that defend it.  Right now, the ACLU is busy lobbying for the release or prisoners, defending sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, demanding the use of mail-in paper ballots in all elections.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director




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