2014 Dues are due to vote at this Saturday’s Business/Board Meeting.

Business/Board Meeting this Saturday, January 11, 2013, from?9:30 to 10:30 A.M.?? Shore Diner, Tilton Road between Fire Road and Parkway Exit #36, in Egg HarborTwp.

1.? 2014 dues are due!??? Voting members please pay $60 before the meeting so you can vote and make a quorum.? Non-voting supporting members, we need your $30 to stay active.?? We need your time and money to deliver our message of liberty through radio, TV, Facebook, meetings and special events. ????Please bring your dues to any breakfast meeting,? mail them to our office at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ? 08244, or pay online through PayPal at www.libertyandprosperity.org.

2.? ?A lie told often enough becomes the truth?.?? Russian Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924).??? Every day the left tells dozens of lies about our country in slanted TV and newspaper ?news?,? in college and public school classrooms, and pop culture and entertainment.??? Our small group of volunteers can?t respond to every lie.?? But you take the time to respond whenever you can, together we can make a difference.?? Please forwarding our emails, repost our material on Facebook, or repackage them into online comments, or short (250 words or less) letters to the editor.

3.???? Here are email addresses for some local newspapers.?? If you know of others, please ?send them to us at info@libertyandprosperity.org so we can post them in future emails and on www.libertyandprosperity.org.

Press of Atlantic City:letters@pressofac.com
Current Newspapers:current@shorenewstoday.com
Philadelphia Inquirer:inquirer.letters@phillynews.com (But make it less than 200 words?Today, they completely changed meaning of a letter by Seth Grossman by chopping off first 150 words of a 300 word letter.)
Asbury Park Press:yourviews@app.com
Cape May Herald ?Spout Off?:https://www.capemaycountyherald.com/forum/

  1. We need letters to the editor to balance slanted stories?like these:
    1. ?Press of Atlantic City and TVreported rescue of 52 scientists on ship trapped by growing sea ice in Antarctica during southern-hemisphere summer.?? But they ?forgot? to say those scientists were there to measure shrinking ice caused by ?global warming??
    2. Cold snap proves that South Jersey needs extra natural gas to heat homes.?? Just last month, dozens of environmental extremists packed public hearings to protest building one 24 inch pipe underground through ten miles of Pinelands to bring us natural gas from Pennsylvania.? They said we should somehow heat our homes with wind and solar energy because ?fossil fuels? like natural gas were causing global warming!
    3. Gov. Christie doubling down on sand dunes.?? First he threatened to take over Margate beaches after citizens voted almost 2 to 1 against them.??? Dunes are not needed where there are wide beaches and sea walls, and Margate has both.?? Now, Christie wants?Wildwood to build 16 foot artificial sand wall along Boardwalk,?even though their beach is so wide you almost need a camel to get to ocean!
    4. Democratic State Senator Jim Whelan joined other Republican and Democratic state politicians to lament the closing of the Atlantic Club Casino.??? But just three years ago, these same politicians voted to give special tax breaks and $400 million of taxpayer and pension-fund loans to build the new Revel Casino, which they then admitted would knock two or three other casinos out of business.

5.? ?Did you see our 30 second TV spot for ?low information? voters?? It?s message was ?Rules Matter!?? Football has rules, and so does government?our Constitution.??? We follow the rules in football, but we ignore our Constitution.?? That?s why we have great football, and bad government!?? Was it effective???? What should our next message be??? Please pay your $30 dues or make a larger ?donation so we can keep these messages on the air.?? You can also see the spot on our website www.libertyandprosperity.org.?? Please forward it to as many of your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media friend as possible.

6.? Do you remember Steve LaTourette???? He used to be a Republican Congressman from Ohio.?? He and our own Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo were the two most liberal Republicans in Congress and they always pushed the agenda of the AFL-CIO.??? They both tried to eliminate secret ballots in union elections, and they both threatened public hearings to expose corruption by President Bush, unless he required only union contractors for Katrina home construction work in 2006.? The AFL-CIO called both LaTourette and LoBiondo their best friends in Congress, and pressured South Jersey Democrats into not running real candidates or real campaigns against LoBiondo until now.? LaTourette left Republicans in the lurch by pulling out of his re-election campaign just three months before the election in 2012.

Last week, the New York Times reported that LaTourette is ?one of the top generals in the establishment Republicans war against the Tea Party?.?? This week, Mark Levin described in detail how LaTourette is funneling money from big corporations to? advance amnesty for illegal immigrants, and to remove Tea Party conservatives from Congress.?? See ?http://therightscoop.com/ugh-labor-unions-are-helping-fund-the-republican-civil-war-to-defeat-the-tea-party/ and http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/04/us/politics/tangled-role-in-gop-war-over-tea-party.html?_r=0.

7.? Bridge-gate:?? Governor Christie said he is ?shocked? that his top aides deliberately closed lanes of the George Washington Bridge to punish?Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing him.?? Whether or not Governor knew details is not important.??? Real problem is that Governor’s top people put political gain ahead of everything else.??????See ??http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/e-mails-suggest-christie-aides-jammed-traffic-for-political-revenge/2014/01/08/7cd161ce-7879-11e3-af7f-13bf0e9965f6_story.html.??? Did Christie’s top?people use politics in dishing out Sandy public relations money to manipulate media??? Did Christie win political support by not prosecuting anybody for illegal contracts and mismanagement?by South Jersey Economic Development District (SJEDD) that got bailed out by taxpayers?

8.?? Statewide Party Primary elections for U.S. Senate, Congress, county freeholder, and other county and local offices to be held June 3.??? Deadline for filing nominating petitions March 31.?? Deadline for bracketing candidates together as slates April 2.??? Unknown, underfunded “insurgent” candidates have best chance of winning in low-turnout, low-budget June Primary elections–especially if they run as teams with bracketed slates and go door to door with voter lists.?? It is almost impossible for “independent” candidates to win in high budget, high turnout November elections.??? Republicans and Democrats usually find candidates for every office because they usually manage and fund their campaigns, and reward their candidates with government jobs, contracts, or other favors–even when they lose.?? Tea Party insurgents have to raise their own money, prepare their own reports, and give up their time and money to run–and too often don’t nothing but criticism from conservatives for their efforts.??? And so conservatives end up choosing between the “lesser of two evils” in November.?? “You can’t beat anybody with nobody!”

9.??Free e-book on liberty.?? It’s?”The?Patriot?s Handbook”?by James Simpson. ?The author offered his?wonderful resource at no charge to you and everyone who signed up for our email updates.

http://libertyandprosperity.org/?p=2908.?? Let us know what you think of it at info@libertyandprosperity.org

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