The Disturbing Fraud of Dr Richard Levine

Levine. Kennedy.

Richard Levine is a four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. He is a former Pennsylvania Secretary of Health.

Levine, who presents himself as a woman, is an pediatrician who has served as the United States assistant secretary for health since March 26, 2021.


Now known as Rachel Levine, he/she spends most of his time at various universities and medical institutions.

Levine, Woman of the Year.

Levine, a ‘Woman of the Year”, supports the (ghastly) procedure called ‘gender affirming care’ for very young children.

Just a few short years ago, a fraud like this would be in jail. Today, Dr. Levine is considered stunning and brave.

Levine took a prestigious job away from a biological female.


Have you noticed that local newspapers NEVER post his picture?

So please, enjoy these lovely photos of our favorite transgender.

23 thoughts on “The Disturbing Fraud of Dr Richard Levine”

  1. So in the past you said Levine “would be arrested.” Most people, especially the trans community, don’t want to relive those days of racism and discrimination. The only people wanting to relive those times are racists and old white boomers

  2. Christy Wellinghurst

    The irony of having a mentally disturbed male doctor as the Secretary of Health is a very sad “definition” of our times.

  3. Why are you so intolerant of others, Bob ? Inbreeding, most likely. How does Dr Levine’s situation affect you? Answer: it doesn’t.

  4. This dude is a BILOGICAL FATHER to two boys from HIS former wife.

    HE knows it’s best to not transition his boys into “women”

  5. “BILOGICAL” father. You’re certainly capable of spewing hatred and intolerance of others. You’re just too stupid to even spell it correctly. Bravo.

  6. The “distributing fraud” is people claiming to be patriots who think hatred of others who think/live differently than they do are frauds. And this faux “patriotism” is all inspired by their orange Messiah who certainly could care less about anyone other than himself.

  7. How much less could we care?
    Sorry, cheap shot, but we’re obviously in the shallow end of the gene pool in this comment section.
    The phrase is ‘couldn’t care less’.

    But honestly, those of us in the normal, moral majority are shocked, saddened, horrified that someone with obvious mental illness is hired to represent Health and Human Services. Richard is not now, nor will he ever be a woman. That’s just science. Not bigotry or hatred. Reality. He’ll never menstruate, he’ll never bear a child. That’s what women do. And the rest of us are bullied every day into acquiesing to this unscientific claptrap and bowing end scraping to this insanity.
    He shouldn’t be jailed. He shouldn’t be hated. He should be laughed to scorn and treated for the profound mental illness he bears so publicly

  8. I’m curious, Mark, what you’d say if someone who you loved was transgender? Intolerant folks like you will say it’s “a choice” made by someone like Dr. Levine. It’s not. No one would choose a much harder path in life including intolerant and hateful people like you judging them, and criticizing them. No one would choose surgery on a whim and the physical / emotional toll it takes on them. Your holier than though attitude only makes things worse.

  9. “holier than thou” it’s more a matter of aesthetics. If he (yes, he) looked at least somewhat like a woman, it would be tolerable. But this is just gross. There is nothing feminine about him. He could have decided to be a woman before he got married and had children, making him a biological father. He should cut his hair and go back to wearing pants. No matter how you cut it, he’s still a “Dick”.

  10. I’m okay with Lux Pascal who I met years ago in Manhattan. She looks feminine even if she doesn’t have all the right curves in the right places and her voice gives her away. And she didn’t wait till she was middle-aged and fathered two kids. But Dick, you ain’t no Lux.

  11. The pelvic bone will never change. The shoulder to shoulder measurement will never change. All the miss gendering videos I’ve seen show trans epic men coming across very angry like a toxic male, shouting their pronouns and the ones featuring trans men crying about anything, very emotional . Like a woman. Just saying men will always be male and women will always be female. The puberty blockers also block other areas your development. That’s why Jaz Is overweight. Her brain didn’t develop well and can’t recognize eating patterns so Jaz is always hungry and can’t stop eating.

  12. The latest outrage has Virginia Senator Danica Roem storming out for being addressed as “sir”. This whole thing is getting ridiculous. It’s not like changing one’s religion or nationality. For that matter, Rachel Dolezal changing her name to Nkechi is fine but she’s a white woman who formally identifies as black. It’s not like she’s doing it for kicks, like for Halloween. This is serious mental illness.

  13. JK Rowling (‘Harry Potter’ writer) says trans women “retain male patterns of criminality,” which makes them likelier to assault someone in a women’s locker room. Just yesterday, she said of Scarlet Blake “This is not a woman.” Scarlet Blake is a Chinese trans currently serving life for murdering a stranger for sexual thrill. At least they had the sense to put him in a male prison.

  14. We are either XX (female) or YX (male). This Gender Dysphoria is a real mental health problem. It’s not hatred. It’s not bigotry. These people need help! And if you look at the statistics of who is transitioning most, it’s males. They want to be women so badly and are suffering. But let’s ask the simple question; why? What has occurred in their lives to trigger something like this? They’re so deep in their heads that they can’t see the impact it’s having on others. My heart breaks for these people.

  15. Does anyone with a platform have the decency to identify the billionaires behind this non organic trend?
    Silicon Valley, Wall Street and the Medical Industry bill our insurance companies for close to a million dollars per teen they transition over their lifetime.
    Billionaire’s increase wealth via socialism

  16. Richard Fitzgibbon

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, all the other LBTG’s etc are from URANUS.

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