The Disturbing Fraud of Dr Richard Levine

Levine. Kennedy.

Richard Levine is a four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. He is a former Pennsylvania Secretary of Health.

Levine, who presents himself as a woman, is an pediatrician who has served as the United States assistant secretary for health since March 26, 2021.


Now known as Rachel Levine, he/she spends most of his time at various universities and medical institutions.

Levine, Woman of the Year.

Levine, a ‘Woman of the Year”, supports the (ghastly) procedure called ‘gender affirming care’ for very young children.

Just a few short years ago, a fraud like this would be in jail. Today, Dr. Levine is considered stunning and brave.

Levine took a prestigious job away from a biological female.


Have you noticed that local newspapers NEVER post his picture?

So please, enjoy these lovely photos of our favorite transgender.

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