25 Dead Whales. Wind Turbine Fraud.

Trevor Louden fundraiser discussion. Wind turbines. We have short memories.

Seth Grossman on John Demasi Radio Show. Feb 25, 2023.

Some years ago, we discovered oil off coast of NJ. Only 2 whales died. Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Audubon etc, went ballistic. The shut down drilling & testing.

Today, 25 dead whales so far. Coincidence? We can’t trust govt agencies.

Orsted giving out money to schools. Be skeptical. Politicization of whales & wind.

No proof that wind turbines work. Fraud.

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  • Teach what is no longer taught. Greatness of America.
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  • We don’t support either side. We root for the referee.

Slanted news.

E, S & G. Woke causes. Black Rock. Woke Corporations.

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