Republicans are afraid to say this. So they will surrender again on federal unemployment benefits.

Several of my closest friends, relatives and clients collected unemployment lately.?? They are good people and I Iike them.? They lost their old jobs through no fault of their own.

Each of them collected $500 to $600? each week by applying online, and checking the ?Yes? box asking if they were ?actively seeking work?.?? Some did this from their smartphones at luxury hotels, airports, or upscale shopping malls.

For months, they fixed up homes, pursued hobbies, worked out, renewed friendships, spent time with family,? took vacations,? went shopping, or worked for cash under the table.?? But not one of them prepared a resume or even considered taking a job that was different or paid less than the job they lost.

When they applied for benefits last week, they were shocked to learn that benefits would end after 26 weeks, because the federal ?extended benefits? program ran out of money.?? They expected to collect for 79 weeks.

President Obama and Democrats say we need ?emergency? legislation to spend billions to continue these benefits.? This is on top of the billions more Republicans and Democrats agreed to spend two weeks ago, when they scrapped the insignificant cuts of the ten year sequester budget deal they made two years ago.

Meanwhile,? ?compassionate conservative? Republican Congress members, like Frank LoBiondo, are saying nothing?which is what they usually do just before they make a bad deal with Democrats.

If you own a business and have trouble finding good workers.?? Or if you go through the inconvenience of getting up to go to work each day, call or write LoBiondo, and let him know your opinion.?? Or contact Mike Assad, the conservative challenging him in the Republican primary election next June.? Seth Grossman, Executive Director.?

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

(This was published as letter to editor by Press of Atlantic City on 1/3/2014 and by Current Newspapers of Atlantic County on 1/9/2013.? Philadelphia Inquirer published only last three paragraphs of letter on 1/8/2013, completely changing its ?meaning).

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