Democrats Blame Us For The Hate & Violence Because They Only See “Mainstream” News Like This.


This “mainstream” news article posted online by Microsoft and other leading aggregators last Saturday (July 25, 2020), seems to indicate that only Republicans would think this black man was murdered because of his support for Trump. Notice how the article fails to post either a photo of the black victim, or his signs supporting Trump.

Most of our #Democrat friends incorrectly believe #Republicans and #Trump supporters are responsible for the recent surge of hate and violence.  That is because they rarely see news of the constant, violent attacks against us by folks on their side. Notice how this “mainstream” news” on today’s Microsoft home page. avoids saying the obvious. “Black Trump supporter gunned down in Milwaukee”.  If the “mainstream” news showed the photo below, our Democrat friends might be more likely to think that political hatred against Trump supporters, especially black Trump supporters, was the likely motive.  For many reasons, most conservatives and Trump supporters are far better informed that most “progressive” Democrats.  We are exposed news from both sides.  We are familiar with the photos at the top and the bottom.  Most “progressive” Democrats see only the “mainstream” #Fakenews side of the story .  Few will ever see the photo below.  It is our job to teach as many of them the rest of the story whenever we can.  Let’s start with our kids, grandkids, and nieces and nephews!

By the way, he never said or did anything showing support for #BlackLivesMatter as stated in the Microsoft story. You can read for yourself that his sign in the lower right says “Mulatto lives matter”.

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