A Rapper Endorses Charter Schools

Our seventh of eight liberty principles is to?”Let parents apply their children?s share of state public education money to the schools they choose for their children.”

Rapper Pitbull was the recent keynote speaker for a Charter Schools conference. ?Daniel Doherty of Townhall.com blogs:

Pitbull, whose given name is Armando Christian Perez, delivered the opening address at the National Charter Schools Conference in Washington, D.C., last week.?Perez has six children, three of whom attend charter schools.

?I believe in the system. I?ve seen it with my own eyes,? the entertainertold?the crowd of charter schools advocates at the conference. ?Every day I see firsthand how my children are becoming highly motivated thanks to the charter schools they attend.?

Perez is so?convinced?of the power of charter schools to ?revolutionize education in America? that he is providing backing for a new charter school in his old inner-city neighborhood of Little Havana.

Charter schools ?are fundamentally about freedom, and freedom is what America is all about,? the rapper proclaimed.

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2 thoughts on “A Rapper Endorses Charter Schools”

  1. This is a platform Christine Whitman ran on, then after she was elected, you never heard about the subject again. We must hold our elected officials accountable.

    I like to focus on math, facts and logic. Why wouldn’t it be logical for parents to have a choice as to where their children are schooled ?

  2. Fred, don’t get me started on Christie Todd Whitman. She stabbed Leo Klagholz, her Director of Dept. of Education in the back to please teacher unions. (We know this well because she forced Stockton College to give him a high paid, do-nothing job, and was the first to use Stockton College tuition as a cash cow to bail out political friends). Christie Whitman betrayed the Republican promise of term limits and initiative and referendum. She doubled the signature requirements of recall laws so they could never be used. She kept 70% of the Florio tax hikes in place, and gave us massive spending hikes paid for with massive unconstitutional borrowing without voter approval, and collection of the “use tax” for the first time. Most of our work at http://www.libertyandprosperity.org is undoing the damage of Republicans like Christie Todd Whitman and Tom Kean.

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