#ABCNEWS.GO & Associated Press Repeated Orsted Corp. Lies About Wind Turbines As If Undisputed Facts. Didn’t Even Mention That Recognized Expert Michael Shellenberger Refuted Every One Of Them Last Thursday!

Yesterday’s ABCNEWS repost of #AssociatedPress article is classic fake news.  Click here for the full article.  

Notice how It repeats all of the lies spewed by #Orsted, a very profitable Danish corporation, as if they were undisputed facts. Yet this typical “mainstream” news article did not even mention that well-known and respected environmental expert Michael Shellenberger, author of “Apocalypse Never” refuted each of them with undisputed, documented facts in Ocean City, NJ last Thursday.

Wind turbines do not save fossil fuel because grid needs constant, reliable power. Unlike nuclear, wind turbines produce too much or too little. They need duplicate system of back-up generators constantly burning fossil fuels for when wind slows down or stops. Wind energy can’t be stored & is wasted when wind blows when power not needed.

Each of the 99 wind turbines costs $16 to $40 million & never pay for themselves. They will instead double or triple electric bills and kill jobs and businesses.  Denmark and Germany have the most wind turbines in Europe and the highest electric bills.  California has most wind and solar energy in U.S., and also the highest electric bills and most power failures.

Wind turbines kill countless birds and are likely to make the highly endangered “right whale” extinct. Audubon Society and other “friends” of environment paid by Orsted and others who profit from project. All this documented in “Apocalypse Never”.

Finally, just a building lot near the ocean on beach block of Longport, NJ just sold for $2 million. Who would pay that much for the lot and then spend another $800,000 to build a house there, if they believe in a “climate crisis” that would soon flood the property?

Good news is that thousands of people by Jersey Shore now now what it’s like to be lied to by media, and will not be fooled by them again. As German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote:  “Not that you lied to me, but that I no longer believe you.  That is what has shaken me”.

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