Adults With Common Sense Understand The Real World. It’s Not About The “Gun Lobby”!

“Woke” Democrats and their media and celebrities are promoting that narrative depicted in the above meme.  They falsely claim that “ideology” and the “gun lobby” are the only possible reasons why conservatives and Republicans don’t join them in demanding new restrictions on law abiding gun owners after a mass shooting.  They falsely pretend there are no other possible reasons for us to disagree with them.

Unlike them, we do not think like small children. We look at these obvious facts, and then apply common sense.

We know that New Jersey’s harsh gun laws, adopted during the past fifty years, did not make anyone safer.  They only made it almost impossible for responsible, law-abiding citizens like me to lawfully defend ourselves, our families and our businesses.  Woke Democrats and the media act as if they are completely unaware of this.

They never acknowledge that in states like New Jersey, private citizens like me can never lawfully carry a firearm outside of our homes and businesses to protect ourselves and our families.  It doesn’t matter that I was in the military and months of training in firearms.  It doesn’t matter that I never committed a crime or hurt or threatened anyone.  It doesn’t matter that I was often threatened with violence as a lawyer who represented women in domestic violence cases, who landlords who evicted violent, disorderly tenants.  It doesn’t matter that I was threatened for publicly expressing my political opinions, and just for being Jewish.

We know that criminals and psychopaths do whatever it takes, and patiently take as much time as they need to get the weapons they want, regardless of what the law is.  We know that zero border enforcement and the Democrat war on local police guarantee that lots of criminals, terrorists, and foreign enemies are ready, willing, and able to give or sell them the deadliest weapons.  Criminals will do it for money.  Our enemies will give weapons to anyone wanting to threaten, hurt or kill us. for any reasons.    Woke Democrats and their media and entertainment industry cheerleaders never talk about this.

We know that during the past fifty years, “progressives”, socialists, communists, jihadis, and “woke” Democrats have hijacked our major cultural and educational institutions and have turned America into a factory that is mass-producing psychopaths.  They think that conservatives, Christians, and Republicans are the biggest threat to their safety.  (Click Here For Full Post By Pastor Andrew Isker entitled:  “The Mass Shooting:  A Feature, Not A Bug Of Socially Engineered, Liberal Utopia”.

* is a free speech platform, guided by First Amendment court cases during past 230 years.  People are free to post whatever they want as long as it is not criminal, threatening, or libelous. Because of that, many posts on Home / Gab Social are false, hateful, obscene, bigoted, and offensive.  However, many contain important facts and brilliant insight and opinions that are banned or blocked by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  As an adult, you must apply your own critical thinking skills to decide which content is truthful and which is not.  I am personally happy to see the hateful and dishonest anti-Semitic lies about Jews posted on, because I have the opportunity to respond and refute them.  Look for us there at @libertyandprosperity1776.

We know that there is a culture war against white, Christian, heterosexual boys, that makes many of them think that life and society are so stacked against them and that they cannot succeed in normal society, no matter what they do.  We know that many of these boys turn to the fake world of  drugs, violent entertainment, and impersonal social media to escape.  Some even turn to suicide, including “suicide by cop”.  “Woke” Democrats falsely claim that all shooters who are white, even the most obvious products of “progressive” education and pop culture, are “white supremacists” or “right wing extremists”.

We know that for the past sixty years, our culture and government welfare programs have promoted, justified, and enabled many women to raise children without fathers in the home.  “Woke” Democrats insist that this is normal progress, and that “times have changed”.

Why is it that “woke” Democrats repeatedly blame Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News for the crimes of young people who never watched or listened to them, but never blame Hollywood movies like “Django Unchained” (featured above) and violent video games that violent young criminals are obsessed with?

We know that for more thirty years, violent Hollywood movies and videos like “Django Unchained” have justified and glorified mass murder.  “Woke” Democrats claim the violence is inspired by Tucker Carlson and Fox News!

We know that many of these boys have no real conversations and connections with real people, but instead only shout at and threaten other people through artificial and impersonal social media.  We know that in this artificial world of impersonal social media, hateful, destructive, and offensive language and conduct offers the most emotional rewards in the form of attention, “shares” and “likes”  and fake social media “friends” and “followers”.   “Woke” Democrats are OK with young people living their lives through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok because conservatives like us are banned or blocked by those platforms.

We know that when these boys psychopathic behavior in school, they are often temporarily subdued with mood altering drugs that even further distort their perception of reality.  “Woke” Democrats trust the medical bureacracy and big drug companies that promote and profit from this.

We know that complicated regulations and confidentiality laws discourage or prevent teachers, counselors, doctors and other professionals from sharing information concerning dangerous, psychopathic behavior.  “Woke” Democrats always seem surprised when government, public school, and law enforcement officials routinely fail to notice obvious warnings given by these mass shooters until after they kill.

We know that for the past thirty years, every government and public service in America has been overwhelmed with massive numbers of legal and illegal foreigners who do not speak our language or respect the laws, rules, and values of our country.  For more than forty years, our cities have been overwhelmed with large number of mentally ill people who are no longer confined to mental institutions, and who we are now required to call “homeless”.  These “homeless” are responsible for roughly 15% of all violent crime in our cities.  “Woke” Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media and entertainment industry don’t seem to notice any of this in their gated communities and secure condos.

We know that ordinary citizens who “see something and say something” about what they believe to be threats or dangerous behavior are often publicly identified and shamed often have their careers and reputations ruined, and are often put in physical danger.  As a result, most Americans are now domesticated and say nothing when they see something–until after crimes are committed.   Meanwhile “woke” Democrats and their media are the first to demonize anyone who acts in good faith in reporting a concern, but turns out to be mistaken.

We know that officials and employees of government, public schools, and law enforcement are often chosen for diversity, politics, and corruption, and are protected from discipline and dismissal by civil service and public employee unions.  They are also protected by a “go along to get along culture” that punishes those who aggressively try to do their jobs, and rewards those who make mistakes and miss opportunities.   Woke Democrats think “diversity” completely unrelated to talent, performance, and achievement is a virtue.

We know that Americans since childhood are taught by our schools, media, and Hollywood and TV entertainment that America is an evil, greedy, hateful predatory nation responsible for almost every evil and injustice in the world.   We have replaced the Bible values of the Ten Commandments and “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you” with “Do to others before they do it to you”.   Woke Democrats then blame America when Americans today live up to that depiction of us.

Finally, we know that while there is heavy, armed security at airports, courthouses, and most government buildings, most of our schools and shopping areas are “soft targets” in “gun free zones”.  Woke Democrats and their friends in the media and Hollywood don’t seem to notice this.

And yet “woke” Democrats, and their cheerleaders in the media and our Hollywood/TV entertainment industry tell us that we will somehow be safer if we ignore all of these things, and simply prevent ordinary citizens like me from having access to firearms to defend ourselves. is a tax-exempt, non-political education organization of roughly 200 citizens who mostly live near Atlantic City, New Jersey.  We formed this group in 2003. We volunteer our time and money to maintain this website. We do our best to post accurate information. However, we admit we make mistakes from time to time.  If you see any mistakes or inaccurate, misleading, outdated, or incomplete information in this or any of our posts, please let us know. We will do our best to correct the problem as soon as possible. Please email us at or telephone (609) 927-7333.

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