Affirmative Action, Turbine Power Not Reliable.

Much better to hire based on character, skill, integrity and achievement, rahter than skin color or sexual preference.

Listen to Seth Grossman on Talk With A Purpose, WPG Radio. July 1, 2023.

‘Diversity is a bunch of crap. It’s Un-American’ said Grossman while running for Congress a few years back.

Affirmative Action no longer needed. Black Americans get hurt the most from Affirmative Action.

Fighting racism with racism is not a good plan.

Wind Turbines don’t generate any USEFUL power.

Can’t store power. Batteries not ready for prime time.

Toxic materials used for batteries. Lithium.

Since 2006, ACUA wind turbines are a failure. ACUA will not prove that they’re working. ACUA hiding results.

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