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Several weeks ago, the New Jersey EPA issued a report outlining the steps that must be imposed on New Jersey residents to achieve the energy and climate change goals of The Murphy Energy Plan. The report reads like Central Planning lite. It will force transformation of energy production, restrict energy use and impose significant costs. Energy reliability and job impact are only a minor concern. Are the predictions correct or even feasible? Who knows?

Fortunately, another opinion has emerged and is explained in this article. This organization, Affordable Energy for New Jersey, defends the use of energy, particularly natural gas and its importance to human life and provides alternatives to the unreliable poor energy society of the NJEPA report.

No gas-powered cars, no heating oil for homes. Climate report calls for major action

We are a group of 150 ordinary citizens who mostly live near Atlantic City, New Jersey.  We volunteer our time and money to maintain this website. We do our best to post accurate information. However, we admit we make mistakes from time to time.  If you see any mistakes or inaccurate, misleading, outdated, or incomplete information in this or any of our posts, please let us know. We will do our best to correct the problem as soon as possible.  Thanks.


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