Alison Howard: “We need to use some Obama communications skills to win support”.

Alison Howard, an Atlantic County native, is now communications director for Concerned Women for America, a national organization with 500,000 members.??? At our yearly fundraiser?in Ventnor, at John Battista?s Carisbrooke Inn, Alison explained why the Obama campaign was so successful in winning the support of young people.

“Within 72 hours, the Obama campaign got back to everyone who contacted them online through Facebook or Twitter.?? Obama campaign workers often?knocked on the door and made a personal visit.?? Before saying anything, the Obama campaign people would listen.?? They first?asked each?person who had contacted the Obama campaign to tell his or her story.? Then they would ask ?What got you interested in the Obama campaign????? Once they knew about who that person was, and why he or she was interested in Obama, the Obama people?tailored a special message just for that person.??? If that person was concerned about health care, the Obama campaign would tell that person what he or she wanted to hear about health care.?? If that person was concerned about the environment, the Obama campaign told would tell that person what he or she wanted to hear about the environment.

Alison Howard said, “We conservatives need to do the same thing.?? It will take a lot of time, money, and patience.? But if we want to win, this is what we need to do”.

Alison also said it was also very important for Christian social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and libertarians to all work together to defend our basic freedoms.?? ?Our enemies are many and our friends are few.?? We need to all work together to preserve the traditions and values that made America a safe place for all of us freely live our lives and speak our minds.??Right now, all of us are being attacked? by the left?.

Alison said that while many different groups on the left cooperate with each other to attack us and?win elections, too many conservatives find too many excuses not to help other conservatives defend even the core values that we all share.

Alison Howard, a native of Atlantic County, is the communications director for Concerned Women of America, a national organization of more than 500,000 women.

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