America isn?t perfect, but we have more freedom than any nation on earth

Each year, hundreds of people take part in meetings and other events sponsored by Libertyand Prosperity and other local tea party groups. We send free email updates to 1,600 South? Jerseyresidents each week. (Contact us at

to be added to our list.) Just last week, more than 55 people came to hear our guest speaker explain the stupidity of ?smart-growth? zoning laws that were recently adopted by Middle Township and other New Jersey towns.

We are a large and growing group. But the downside is that most of our people are as old as I am. I am a 62-year-old baby boomer.

This bothers many of our members. At almost every meeting, someone complains that we are not doing enough to attract young people.

But what can we do? Our public schools indoctrinate our kids for 12 years, then college does it some more. In every conceivable way, our kids are directly and indirectly taught everything that is bad and wrong aboutAmerica, but almost nothing that is good and right.


For the past 40 years, our public schools and colleges falsely taught our kids that violent, ignorant, intolerant, gun-toting white Americans stole land from the Indians, enslaved blacks and discriminated against women, Hispanics, homosexuals, foreigners and labor unions for more than 300 years since the Pilgrims landed in 1620. And if that weren?t bad enough, our kids are also falsely taught that American greed and selfishness hogged the world?s resources, created worldwide poverty and polluted the planet.

This false history is reinforced by movies, songs and TV ?docudramas? from our pop-culture-entertainment elites that too often depict American business, government, military and church leaders as greedy, power-hungry, hypocritical villains, and anyone who opposes them as heroes or victims.

While our public schools and colleges talk the virtues of tolerance and diversity, they ruthlessly exclude and suppress any tea party group likeLibertyand Prosperity that rejects this propaganda, and defendsAmerica?s history and culture of liberty.

We are banned from their classrooms, assemblies, ?enrichment? programs, and even their afterschool political and advocacy clubs. So why would any young person want anything to do with us?

That?s where you come in. We can?t get the young people in your family to come to aLibertyand Prosperity event. But you can give our message to the young people in your family. And you can start this Thanksgiving when you have dinner with them.

Before any food is put out on the table, why not turn off the TV for just a few minutes and take that time to remind your kids, grandkids and other young people why Thanksgiving is such an important holiday inAmerica.

Tell them of how often your parents and grandparents thanked God on this day for being lucky enough to live in this wonderful country. Maybe it was because they or their parents or grandparents fled persecution and injustice in the Old Country, and lived free and comfortable lives only after they came toAmerica. Maybe it was because they appreciated the liberty and prosperity of this country when they were in the military liberating or defending less fortunate people in other countries.

If you are African-American, why not share a family story of how one of your ancestors may have thrived on the freedom and opportunity blacks found inAtlantic Cityfor a hundred years ? before government welfare programs destroyed black families and communities. You know that none of this stuff is taught at school.

We all freely admit thatAmericawas never a perfect country. But we can still proudly tell our children that the ideas of our Declaration of Independence, and the system of government established by our Constitution gave more freedom, prosperity, and justice to more people than any other nation on earth.

Don?t overdo it. After delaying dinner long enough to make those remarks, put out the food and turn the TV back on.

When the table is cleared for dessert, quietly approach your kids or grandkids and ask if they are worried about paying for college. If so, tell them how not that long ago, most students could earn almost a full year?s tuition by working one summer on the boardwalk.

And if they ask why college is so much more expensive today, tell them how to look up the salary of their liberal professors and college administrators on the Internet. And tell them they can learn a lot more interesting stuff at

(Reprinted from November 23, 2011 Current-Gazette Newspapers of Atlantic and Cape May Counties,

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