Thanks to everyone who made our annual February fundraiser such a success.

Thanks to John Battista and his sister Lisa for use of their elegant ?Carisbrooke Inn in Ventnor and their outstanding VIP breakfast for major donors.? Thanks to Frank Fiamingo of for his inspirational, common sense remarks at both the $250 VIP breakfast and afternoon reception.?? We hope NJ gun owners know how lucky they are to have Frank Fiamingo as their ?leader and advocate.

Frank spoke of the need for constitutional conservatives and gun owners to spend less time talking to each other, and more time reaching those who are not now with us.?? He explained how his NJ 2d Amendment Society is now introducing people to gun ownership and the 2d Amendment with practical home and personal security tips to the general public.

When I thanked Frank for his remarks, I said we at share his opinion. ?We also spend less time talking to each other, and more time reaching out to the general public by talking about issues that directly affect them. ? We explain the benefits of economic liberty by pointing out how wind turbines and solar panels triple electric bills.?? We win support for ?local, self-government ?with the consent of the governed? by showing how FEMA give-aways when there is no loss, sand dunes where there are wide beaches, ?mandatory evacuations on islands with high ground and flood-proof brick and steel buildings, and state-wide snow closings for towns that have no snow–often do more harm than good.

We thank Jackie Fattibene of Williamstown and Mary Kazmarck of Linwood for paying full price, yet working the door during the whole event.?? We thank Barbara Brown and her husband Dave of the British Connection of Absecon, ?, for also paying full price?but doing days of cooking and then spending three hours setting up and tending to a tasty and abundant British buffet put together on a Scottish budget.? Thanks to White Horse Wine and Spirits and Leo Ransone of Absecon for the wine bar.? Ventnor Coffee for the bagels.?? Charles Fischer of of Linwood for the flowers/doorprizes.

Thanks to the ten major donors who paid more than $250 for the VIP breakfast, and those who bought $75 and $100 tickets to give us roughly $6,400.??? If you did not yet make this year?s contribution, please make your gift now, so we can reach our $10,000 goal for this event.

If ?find our website and Facebook posts interesting, please understand that we pay to boost those posts so they now reach 40,000 people each week. ? Please consider paying $30 non-voting member dues ?so we can continue this. ?Please pay online at or mail your check to Liberty and Prosperity, 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ? 08244.???? We need $10,000 from this event and $6,000 from 200 memberships to pay for the Facebook boosts, radio ads, and billboards we need to deliver our message.

Thank you again for your generous support in these difficult times.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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