Did Freehold Killer See Hoxha Video Before He “Randomly” Selected Victim?

The Associated Press reported yesterday that a Monmouth County jury convicted 33 year old Kader Mustafa of murdering 24 year old Sciasia Calhoun just over three years ago.  At 11:45 PM during the night of May 3, 2018, Sciasia Calhoun was driving on Route 33 near Halls Mill Road in Freehold (Near Garden State Parkway Exit 100).  Her boyfriend and one year old son were passengers.  Mustafa was driving slowly in the right hand lane, and Calhoun passed her.  Mustafa then put on his high beams and accelerated.  Calhoun moved her car to the right lane to let the car behind her pass. However, Mustafa pulled alongside Calhoun’s car.  Mustafa then pointed a handgun at Calhoun through his open passenger side window and shot Calhoun in the head before driving away. Calhoun’s child and boyfriend were not injured.

Police said they were “confident” that Calhoun’s murder was not connected to the similar 2018 shooting death of 54-year-old Earl “Everlasting” Sanders four nights earlier.  Sanders, a popular Asbury Park barber, was shot and killed and his passenger was injured.  They were driving home to Asbury Park from their Elks Lodge in Freehold.  However, police did suspect a connection with two other similar 2018 shootings at people who were driving.  One was four days earlier in on April 29 in Neptune.  Another was five days earlier on April 28 in Holmdel.  Nobody was injured in those earlier shootings.  Mustafa faces a minimum of 30 years in prison.  Man Indicted In Fatal Shooting On Route 33: Prosecutor | Freehold, NJ Patch

During last week’s trial, prosecutors said that Mustafa “chose his victim randomly”.   They did NOT call this “road rage”.  But what was the motive?  Did police investigate Mustafa’s online viewing history. Did they want to know if Mustafa was influenced by the doctrines of “Holy War” videos like those posted by Margate, New Jersey native Zulfi Hoxha?

Zulfi Hoxha grew up in Margate, New Jersey and graduated from Atlantic City High School in 2010.  Afterwards, he became a follower of the Wahab doctrine.  In 2015 Hoxha traveled to Turkey and then Syria where he received military training with the terror group I.S.I.S., the “Islamic State of Iraq and Sham”.  There, he became a “commander” and changed his name to “Abu Hamza al-Amriki”.  See Atlantic Article:  A New American Leader Rises in ISIS – The Atlantic

Screenshot of 2017 Video by Islamic State terrorist Abu Hamza al-Amriki.  He grew up in Margate, New Jersey as Zulfi Hoxha, and graduated from Atlantic City High School in 2010.

In 2017, Hoxha made several recruitment videos which were posted on the internet and widely distributed in America.  One shows Hoxha beheading prisoners.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, one online video was titled, “We will Surely Guide them to our Ways.”  It encouraged “lone wolf” terrorists to kill Americans by running them down with vehicles or throwing them off buildings.

“Liberate yourself from hellfire by killing a kaffir (non-Muslim),” Hoxha said in the video.  That video showed him in battlefield fatigues, kneeling in front of rocket launchers.   (See above screenshot)  Hoxha said, “Are you incapable of stabbing a kaffir (non-Muslim) with a knife, throwing him off a building, or running him over with a car?”

See full Press of Atlantic City article:  2010 Atlantic City High School grad now ISIS commander | Latest Headlines | pressofatlanticcity.com

Did Kader Mustafa, see any of Hoxha’s 2017 videos before he illegally purchased two handguns?   Did he see any of those videos before he “randomly” selected 24 year old Sciasia Calhoun for death in 2018? Did Monmouth County law enforcement investigate that possibility?  If so, shouldn’t they release their findings one way or another?

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