Another Scary Prediction


Here is another article of scare divorced from reality. The climate models have been refined and they predict more catastrophic sea level rise.  Meanwhile, the oceans continue to rise at the usual 7-12 inches per century.  Who should you believe, models or reality?


`The loud media alarm stems from the new US interagency ‘2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report’ led by NOAA. It is readily available at Key takeaway #1 (in bold): As much rise in the next 30 years as in the past 100!!!

That explains the blaring media headlines. Hardly an accident. Deliberate alarm.

How in the world could US government agencies reach such a conclusion while ignoring their own data? NOAA runs tide gauges. NASA runs satalt.

Turns out it is NOT their conclusion. It is an echo. The 2022 report opens with:

“Greater confidence than the last 2017 report because of advances in sea level science since 2017 AS CAPTURED IN IPCC AR6”. There have been no advances in sea level observational science. So it isn’t ‘science’ at all. Its just ‘new and improved’ IPCC AR6 models.

“Models of future sea level rise closely match one another over the next 30 years.” So what? Those AR6 models do not remotely resemble US interagency observational reality. Something that this new US interagency nowhere mentions. (1)


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