AP Headline Says “Man”, Not “Afghanistan Refugee” Attacked Woman

The AP (Associated Press) headline says “Man”, Not “Afghanistan Refugee” attacked and seriously injured a woman, merely because she had a job.  The headline doesn’t mention he also attacked a man who tried to defend her.  The AP supplies most state and national news story in the Press of Atlantic City.

This is no accident.  Our “Mainstream” media are run by “progressives” who reject the idea that journalists should be impartial in presenting the news.  The believe their mission is to persuade people to have “correct” opinions.  That means supporting “woke” Democrats and their  Communist, socialist, multi-cultural hate-America agenda.  That is why they systematically keep facts that do not support their views out of the headlines, and often completely out of the news.  Because they want to “fundamentally change” America through massive, uncontrolled immigration of people who oppose our values and our culture, they cover up their bigotry, hate, and crimes.   At the same time, they do not report positive things said and done by conservatives, Christians, or Republicans.  The end result is that Americans who rely on “mainstream” TV networks, daily newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, and MSN and AOL Headlines for news have a very distorted perception of reality when they vote and make political decisions.

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