Are Lies & Hate Of “Django Unchained” As Deadly As Those Of “Jew Suess”?

Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels, and all top Nazis agreed that Hollywood-type movies were their best propaganda.  In 1940, Goebbels produced and distributed the movie “Jew Suess” (Jud Suess) throughout Nazi occupied Europe.  He did it so people throughout Europe would hate Jews enough to support Nazis in getting rid of them. The movie was so successful that SS leader Heinrich Himmler had his men to see the movie before rounding up and killing Jews.  Did Hollywood’s “Django Unchained” released in 2012 create that same hate against whites in America?
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Pinpointing a possible contributor to barbaric black-on-white murders

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Last year, a 25-year-old black man shot and killed Cannon Hinnant, the five-year-old son of his white neighbor in Wilson, North Carolina.  Ten months earlier, a 24-year-old black man threw a 5-year-old white child off of a third-story balcony at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Where is this hate coming from?  The Hollywood movie Django Unchained is a good place to start looking.  It was produced by Harvey Weinstein and directed by Quentin Tarantino.  It won two Academy Awards and grossed $425 million since its release on Christmas Day 2012.

Django Unchained is a hateful, dishonest, and deadly movie.

It is like the 1915 Hollywood movie Birth of a Nation that revived the KKK and justified the murder of blacks.  It is like the 1940 Nazi movie Jew Süss that justified rounding up and killing Jews.

The 2012 Hollywood movie “Django Unchained” used the same dramatic and cinematic methods as “Birth of a Nation” and “Jew Suess” to create uncontrolled hatred against the group that it targeted–all white Americans.

The Django character said these words in the movie, just before shooting one of the white villains.  Last week’s killer in Miami used similar words as he pointed his gun at the victim’s one year old child.

All three movies use authentic historical settings and dates and period costumes.  They fool their audience into thinking their hateful lies are also true, historical facts.

The most dangerous lies of Django Unchained are the important truths that are deliberately left out of the story.  By 1858, most white Americans opposed slavery.  They included Abraham Lincoln, Harriett Beecher Stowe, and John Brown.  They also included thousands of whites who helped thousands of blacks escape through their “Underground Railroad.”  However, Django Unchained has only one likable White character who opposes slavery — a German immigrant!

All white American characters are ugly psychopaths with a depraved hatred of blacks.  Scene after scene has them doing one horrible thing after another.  They amuse themselves by forcing black slaves to fight to the death.  They are shocked and angry to see a black man riding a horse.  A white bounty hunter “legally” kills a peaceful fugitive in cold blood.

These scenes are complete fiction.  They never happened in America.  Slavery in America was horrible and evil.  However, it was brought here by greed, not race-hatred.  Europeans did not hunt and capture blacks in Africa.  They bought blacks in Africa who were legally made slaves by Arabs and other blacks there.  Most of America’s founders expected slavery to disappear soon after 1776 when we declared that “all men are created equal.”  However, obscene profits from mass-produced cotton fabric changed everything after 1800.  That is why slavery expanded instead.

Our “mainstream” media, schools, and colleges also distort the news they report and the history they teach.  Good things done by whites, Christians, conservatives, and Republicans are rarely reported as news.  They are rarely taught as history.  Occasional rude, ignorant, or criminal conduct by anyone in those groups is national headline news or a major historical event.

Stories of robberies, beatings, and killings fill local newspapers.  However, the race of victims and perpetrators is no longer reported.  The rare exceptions are where the perpetrator is white and the victim is black.  Only these stories become national headline news.  This “distortion of reality” makes the hateful lies of movies like Django Unchained believable.

Dozens, if not hundreds of white Americans have been killed in unprovoked attacks by blacks since Django Unchained was released in 2012.  We need investigations into how many of their killers saw that movie and how it affected them.

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2 thoughts on “Are Lies & Hate Of “Django Unchained” As Deadly As Those Of “Jew Suess”?”

  1. Ron from Somers Point

    “Good things done by whites/christians are rarely reported” – what are you talking about? This is straight up false and I don’t really see any evidence for this. Watch/read the news for 5 minutes and you’d almost immediately be proven wrong.

    “By 1858, most white Americans opposed slavery.” – clearly, considering half the nation seceded to preserve slavery at roughly the same time…. besides, where are you actually getting this information? Please include your sources

    It seems this author is radically whataboutist and wants to paint all of the media as “black vs white” and is therefore falling into the exact same rabbithole that he proports to despise.. And even tho he has a point that the media is too centralized and wields too much power (directly due to sensationalism and unchecked capitalism) its honestly hard to read these manic rants that masquerade, poorly, as something of value.

  2. If you had been at our ceremony in Somers Point, NJ last Saturday, September 4, you would have seen a perfect example of what we are talking about. Richard Somers was born in Somers Point, NJ in 1778. Like most young men and women South Jersey he had a better education at age 16 with 8 grades of education than most college grads today. He mastered a useful trade, rigging, managing, and navigating a merchant ship by age 20. He had “boundless opportunities” to be wealthy by his mid twenties. There were no slaves. Native Americans were paid in full for land claims even though most only visited the area during summers. When American ships were attacked, first by “Barbary” followers of the Prophet, then by French privateers, Richard Somers and his friend Steven Decatur were among the first to join or new navy in 1798. Thanks to their incredible skill and bravery, they and a handful of young Americans defeated the French then led by Napoleon. They then decisively defeated the Barbary slave raiders. By doing this, they ended a massive slave industry that had captured and sold millions of Europeans and millions of black Africans for nearly a thousand years. Yet this important part of American history has been “cancelled” by our schools, media and Hollywood/TV entertainment. With regard to the Civil War, 1860 census shows 18.5 million whites lived in the northern states determined to end slavery. There were 5.5 million whites in the South who tried to secede so they could keep 3.5 million blacks there as slaves. During the next 4 years, roughly 310,000 whites and 40,000 blacks in the North died to end the rebellion and slavery. By my arithmetic, a clear majority of more than 75% of white Americans opposed slavery by 1858–which is precisely why less than 25% minority of southern whites felt they had to secede to keep their slaves.

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