Are your kids being taught this big lie about Christians and Crusades?

At National Prayer Breakfast one year ago, President Obama repeated the Communist and Islamic “big lie” that 2008-enduring-vision-cover-1000x768Christians began war against?Muslims with Crusades one thousand years ago.?? That same lie is taught in the ?Enduring Vision? textbook students must buy in U.S. History course I teach.?? Sad truth is that Crusades were too little, too late response to Muslim attacks that had already wiped out 2/3 of Christian world.?? Please take time to teach your children truth with ?45 minute Dr. Bill Warner video at Seth Grossman is an adjunct professor of history at Atlantic Cape Community College at the Atlantic City and Mays Landing campuses.2008-enduring-vision-crusades-p31-1024x768

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