Ask Congressman LoBiondo — Why do you call full funding of Obamacare and even more federal govt debt a “successful conclusion” to shutdown?

This morning, House Republicans finally gained respect and changed the conversation to Obamacare and unsustainable government debt and spending. ? ?But then 20 House Republicans, including three from NJ and our Congressman, Republican Frank LoBiondo, publicly urged Republicans to surrender.

I saw a big difference in the tone of left-leaning ?news? programs? like Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning, the second day of the shutdown, what what it was yesterday, the first day.

On the first day, ?the left was laughing and ridiculing Republicans.??? They asked, ?How can Republicans could be so stupid?? ??Why are they throwing Obama a lifeline when he is so unpopular?? Words like tantrum, children, hostage, etc. were used. ? There were also interviews with “reasonable” Republicans like John McCain, Jeb Bush, Carl Rove, etc.

This morning, the second day, everything was different.?? Nobody was laughing at Republicans.?? Liberal journalists were admitting big problems with Obamacare, and that postponing program for one more year might not be so harmful.

They mentioned for first time that that Republicans had approved funding to get ?important parts of government open, but that Democrats blocked them.

And they mention how House Republicans were now delivering a strong message, with no Republicans publicly criticizing them like they did the day before.

Even Congressman Peter King of New York objected with Joe Scarborough called him a “moderate”. ?This morning, King made a point of calling himself ? a ?working class conservative?, and he criticized Obama and the Democrats for not negotiating.

But just when it looked like House Republicans were getting their footing and preparing for a long battle that could yield real results, 20 Republican Congressman publicly announce they are ready to throw in the towel.

See:? ?

Three of them are from New Jersey.?? One of them is our Congressman Frank LoBiondo.

LoBiondo said he is willing to give Obama full funding for all of his programs?including Obamacare?and was in favor of ?whatever gets a successful conclusion to this?.

But is it a successful conclusion if a FAA employees and contractors keep getting big salaries, benefits, and pensions, while the rest of NJ?s economy collapses?

Today, I did another bankruptcy for someone who used to have a good job at a local hospital, but who now is a waitress at a local restaurant.???? Meanwhile, NJ based Merck Pharmaceutical which just layed of 7,500 high paid employees is now laying off 8,500 more.

Why is this happening???? Obamacare, high taxes, high electric bills caused by ?green? energy mandates, and government regulations that do very little to make us safer, but a whole lot to make it harder for any business to succeed.

Also, LoBiondo today stated publicly for the first time, what he was saying at private parties in Ventnor, Margate, and Longport all summer– That those 50 to 60 Tea Party Republicans in Congress are the problem–not the Democrats!

Contact our Congressman Frank LoBiondo (or yours) and tell him that a deal to get back to business as usual in Washington with more laws, more spending, more debt, and higher energy bills is NOT ?a successful conclusion?. ?And that Tea Party conservatives are the solution–not the problem.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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