AtlantiCare, Stockton, Irreversible Chemical Castration, DEI, Campus Hate.

Growing Anti-Semitism on campus. A white UPenn president was forced to step down. A black Harvard president was not.

What kind of world is being handed down to our grandkids?

Listen to Dec 23, 2023 edition of Talk with a Purpose WPG radio show with John DeMasi on WPG and guest Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity.

DEI has been a failure.

Growing trend of schools, business and other orgs dismantling DEI programs.

Socialism and anti-Semitism are related. BLM, Hamas.

WPG’s Harry Hurley asked; Are Jews waking up? Being deceived by radical left?

Many Pro-life orgs are run by women who regret their abortions.

Road Diet hurts Atlantic City. Fed officials making car travel more difficult. Casinos and CRDA are against reducing four lanes down to two on Atlantic Ave.

ACUA. Woke climate agenda. ACUA run by conservative, Atlantic County Commissioners.

New AtlantiCare LGBTQ Center.

Celebrating their 250th patient. Located on Stockton Atlantic City Campus.

A new business offering, or gender affirming services, targeting children, young adults and students.

Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria is the first step. Provide permanent chemical castration. Removal of breasts.

Due to Privacy laws, those under 18 can keep their so-called ‘transition’ hidden from parents.

Free sex change operations for illegal migrants. Taxpayer funded.

Jesse Jackson endorsed the separation of ethnic and gender groups. Foment hate. Turn boys into transgender.

How does Atlantic care attract patients? Admission forms are the start.

AtlantiCare and Stockton targeting vulnerable youth.

These are experimental, irreversible treatments performed on children under 18 years of age.

Some Public Schools are teaching kids to always see men as rapists, oppressors. For example., if you’re not an ‘ally’ of BLM or Trans, you’re accused of being a hater, transphobic or racist.

Going into month # 3 of the Israel Hamas War.

IDF, Israel Defense Force, serious about completely removing HAMAS from leadership over Gaza.

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