Atlantic City and County taxes in death spiral — But new Mayor Guardian and Republican and Democratic freeholders doing nothing and proud of it.

For 30 years, roughly a dozen casino properties paid about 80% of Atlantic City and half of Atlantic County budget.? But with casinos assessed at $800 million now selling for $60 million, and with two casinos now closed, they are paying far less.??? Everybody else must pay extra to make up?the difference.??? With NJ taxes, tolls, beach fees, high prices and bad roads chasing tourists away in a bad economy, business is down, casinos are closing down and laying off.?? Most private employees and business owners are earning 20% to 30% less.?? If most people can?t even afford the taxes they were paying before, how can they pay extra to make up for the casinos?

Only immediate tax and spending cuts of 30% to 40% can avoid disaster.?? But instead, Democrat Freeholder Colin? Bell and Republican Freeholders Alex Marino and John Risley brag? of their new ?bare-bones? county budget of $196.6 million with an increase of ?only? 1.4% over last year.?? Taxes are so high in Atlantic County that many families can?t to keep their home ?even when Habitat for Humanity gives them one for free!

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