Atlantic County Commissioners Support NJ as Sanctuary State

Atlantic County Exec Denny Levenson stabbed in back by fellow GOPers over issue of NJ as Sanctuary state.

Listen to Seth Grossman on WPG Radio. Talk with a Purpose. Oct 7, 2023.

Nine Atlantic County Commissioners were prepared to vote on a resolution asking to rescind NJ’s Sanctuary Status. NJ Gov Murphy seemingly OK with ignoring laws about immigration.

Sept 1, 2023.

Seven Atlantic County Commissioners are Republican, two are Democrat. When Republican Commissioner Jim Bertino made a motion to adopt the Resolution prepared at the request of Republican County Executive Dennis Levinson, not a single other Republican commissioner seconded the motion.  This takes place at the 1:14 mark of the video posted by Atlantic County government.

Nobody wanted to sponsor resolution to rescind NJ’s Sanctuary State status.

Pro-illegal immigration activists apparently intimidated commissioners.

NJ is a magnet for illegal immigrants. 60,000 migrants was planned for the Atlantic City International Airport.

Bi-Partisan Support Against Airport Plan.

Matt Gaetz and Margorie Taylor Green. Disruption inside the GOP. Republicans took back control of Congress.

Florida and California didn’t cry about losses. Picking up 4 extra seats in Florida.

Conservative media slanting news too. Losing trust in FOX and Newsmax.

David Goluff Program: My Take Live. Left, Right, Middle in the news. L&P started 20 yrs ago

Green Energy Scam. Offshore Wind Scheme. More of a religion, rather than a science.

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