Atlantic County Republican Assemblyman Chris Brown sounded like socialist dictator on radio this morning.

On Harry Hurley program on 1450 AM, Chris Brown talked of plan to make casinos pay their ?fair share? to help ?working people?. But it trying to explain what their “fair share” is, Brown showed he has no clue that key to liberty and prosperity (and NJ State Constitution) is applying same tax laws equally to everyone. This has been part of NJ Constitution since original colonial charters of 1664. Also, Brown did not say a word about cutting taxes by cutting government spending. Even Mayor Guardian admits that Atlantic City’s local government and public school budgets are bloated too many high paid and useless political appointees hired during years when casinos were cash cows. Primary election is June 2, and only 8,000 votes can knock Brown out. Will anyone run against him? (Please don?t confuse our Assemblyman Chris Brown with another Republican Assemblyman with same name in Burlington County.)

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