August 18, 2016 Email Update: Atlantic City, Richard Somers, Donald Trump — What to do in next 78 days.

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1.? What happens to America, happens to Atlantic City first!

Atlantic City is spending ?$106 million more than it took in for 6th straight year–Total debt now $600 million.? U.S. government spending over $600 billion more than it took in–for 8th straight year.? Total U.S. debt is $19 trillion.? Three fourths value of Atlantic City properties exempt from real estate taxes.? 47% of Americans–and many big corporations and phony charities don?t pay U.S. income tax.? Atlantic City spends money it doesn?t have with continuing resolutions instead of balanced budgets required by law–just like Congress.? Mayor Guardian and state officials using executive orders to bypass City Council–Like Obama bypasses Congress.?? Atlantic City Mayor and State Officials want big hikes and sale of water department and old airport to pay Wall Street banks.??? Federal Reserve prints money to pay Wall Street Banks.?? Which will crash first??? Only solution for both–cut unsustainable salaries, spending, and debt–through bankruptcy if necessary!? Details at See also informational video at

  1. Learn the remarkable story of Richard Somers– and most Americans of his time.?? Like most Americans then, Richard Somers mastered reading, math, and? useful trade by age 17.? Like most Americans then, Richard Somers knew more about history, science, and literature by 8th grade ?than most college grads today.??? Like most U.S. Navy officers then, Richard Somers had years of experience when he took command of his own ship at age 23.?? Learn what Thomas Jefferson said about Muslim terrorists who killed, robbed, and enslaved Christian Europeans and Americans 232 years ago–and how he stopped them.?? Join us in Somers Point for 1pm ceremony on Sunday, September 11.? ??Please help us pay for it with $25 ticket for fundraising, cash-bar buffet at Gregory?s right after ceremony.? Buy online or at breakfast? or call (609) 927-733.?? Details at


  1. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton???? One of them will be elected President in 78 days.???? Thanks to years of Republican sell-outs like Tom Kean, Christie Whitman, Bill Gormley, and Chris Christie, Democrat Clinton will win NJ no matter what we do.?? However, Pennsylvania is a ?battleground? state and many of its voters are with us every weekend until the election.??? As a ?tax-exempt education organization, we cannot campaign for any candidate.?? However, we can and do research and discuss the facts and issues that matter most in this election.? Learn more and


  1. We need your help at Stockton University.??? Stockton brags of diversity, but tolerates no diversity of political opinions.?? Students are systematically programmed to support ?progressive? Democrat, anti-American, anti-liberty causes and candidates.?? We need students on campus who can help us reach others.?? We need adults willing to sit at information tables on campus.??? We need money to pay for flyers, postcards, and stipends for students who help us.?? We need you!?? Please contact us online or at any Saturday breakfast.? or (609) 927-7333.


  1. No gas tax hike!? Repudiate unconstitutional debt.???? Let Transportation Trust Fund Authority go bankrupt.?? Use $1.5 billion we already pay in tolls and gas taxes to build and fix our roads and bridges–not to bail out Wall Street junk bonds.?? Details at Also please view and re-post our video at


  1. ?Weekly Breakfast Discussions:?? 9:30 am to 10:30 am every Saturday.?? Drop in when you are near Atlantic City.??? No charge or commitment other than order off menu, and tip your server.?? We often get visitors from around the country.???? Most of them tell us how interesting and informative our discussions are, and how they wish they had a group like us at home.?? Shore Diner, 6710 Tilton Road (corner Fire Road) in front of Days Inn by Parkway Exit 36 (Northfield, Egg Harbor Twp).


  1. Stop by our office and browse the hundred 100 books in our Liberty Library.? We are at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ.?? All members are free to borrow our books on American Liberty.??? Authors include Peter Marshall, Trevor Loudon, Dinesh D?Souza.?? Titles include ?The Stolen Village?, ?Muslim Masters-Christian Slaves?, ?Son of Hamas?.?? Call ahead to (609) 927-7333 to make sure we are open.


  1. Our small group of volunteers has 6,200 likes on our Facebook page and ?reaches? 12,000 to 50,000 every week.? Please help us reach even more people:
    1. Write letters to editor of your daily, weekly, and online papers.
    2. Forward this newsletter to your friends and ask them to send us their emails or sign up directly through our website.
    3. Please ?like? our posts and comments and put our web address in your Facebooks posts, Instagrams, and tweets.?? Post us in your ?Patch?.
    4. One of our members just started to produce videos.? Please post these videos wherever you can.? Here are the first four:

The importance of June primary elections:?

The Liberty Cap and pike, two symbols of liberty that been part of the seal and flag of New Jersey since 1776:? ??

Educational video on proposed hike in NJ gas tax:?

Atlantic City Crisis:

  1. Do you have special graphic, social media, video, or mailing list skills???? Please volunteer an hour or two each week to help us update mailing lists, copy and post graphics and photos, improve email updates like this


  1. Can you contribute to our organization??? Just a few hundred people contributing $30 each year allow us to run radio messages on the Rush Limbaugh program on Radio 1340 AM out of Atlantic City.?? With more substantial support from just a few dozen others, we can reach much wider audiences on other radio programs and Comcast Cable TV.


  1. Will you visit the Atlantic City area any time this summer?? If you can’t make it to the Shore Diner for a Saturday breakfast, please let us know the best time and place to? meet with you.?? Thanks.

Details at:?,?, and

Seth Grossman, Executive Director
(609) 927-7333

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