August 28, 2016 Email Update: Why did Muslim terrorists pick September 11 to attack us?

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1.? The? Somers Point ceremony to remember local hero Richard Somers falls on Sunday, September 11 this year.?? Somers died leading a daring attack by “the Shores of Tripoli” in September 1804.?? The ceremony sponsored by the City of Somers Point and its Historical Society is free and open to the public.?? Join us 1pm on Sunday, September 11 at the Richard Somers statue and mural by the Somers Point Branch of Atlantic County Library, 801 Shore Road.?? In case of rain, meet us at City Hall council chambers across the street at Shore Road and NJ Ave.??? Free parking on street and nearby Gregory’s Restaurant lot.???? Please also support our yearly cash-bar fundraising buffet at Gregory?s Restaurant and Bar one block away at 2pm right after ceremony.? Tickets are $25 and are available at the door, online, at our? weekly Shore Diner 9:30 am Saturday breakfasts, at our 453 Shore Road Somers Point office, and at British Connection in Central Square, Linwood.? Details at

2.? We will also remember the 3,000 Americans murdered by Jihad on September 11, 2001.?? Why is September 11 an important date in world of Islamic Jihad??? (Hint:?? Why did the bakers of Vienna, Austria create bagels and croissants to celebrate what happened the following day, September 12?)? Click here for answer posted on our blog.

3.?? We especially need your financial support this time of year.?? This is when we use up the money we raised from dues and our February fundraiser at beginning of year–and need funds to reach Stockton students.? Please buy a $25 ticket for yourself and one or two for others you know who may want to attend.? If you didn’t pay 2016 dues yet, please pay the $30 now or whatever tax deductible donation you can make.? You can use the PayPal button on the home page of Thanks.

4.?? Here’s more you can do to promote this important event during next 13 days:

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5.? Will 5 majority members of Atlantic City Council stand up to Governor Christie, Mayor Guardian, and Council President Small??? Will they go along with their proposed “assisted suicide”?? State officials say Atlantic City must have a plan to cut $100 million of spending by November–two months away.?? But State won’t let the City cut Wall Street debt, union/civil service contract salaries, or public schools that spend $27,000 per year on each student.??? Atlantic City is? paying $36 million this year alone on the $500 million it borrowed to fund illegal budgets during past five years.??? Mayor Guardian wants the City to borrow $73 million more.??? The only solution is for City Council to say “Enough!”??? Refuse to pay Wall Street until the State gives City power to cut unsustainable debt, unsustainable City Hall salaries, and unsustainable public school spending.??? There is nothing unique about Atlantic City.?? The Federal Government,?? NJ Transportation Trust Fund and Pension Funds are all run the same same way.?? What happens to America happens to Atlantic City first .? Click here for details posted blog.?

6.? School Vouchers are another way to get better education for less than the $27,000 spent each? year for each student in Atlantic City public schools.? Atlantic City Council unanimously approved proposal of Jesse Kurtz and Aaron Randolph to put a non-binding public question on Atlantic City ballot this November.?? Voters will be asked if they support paying $10,000 of that money for any student who attends private school or certified home schooling program.? Details are posted at

7.? Click here to vote in online poll of Liberty and Prosperity supports the idea of giving parents power to decide which schools are best for their own children.? We also support the idea of frequent non-binding referendums on issues of public importance.?? This lets ordinary citizens express their opinions at no cost to taxpayers.??? Right now,? politicians and special interests manipulate public opinion by only doing polls on issues that advance their agendas.? So far, public school administrators and NJEA Teacher Union members are stacking the poll against vouchers. ? Please take the time to express your opinion.

8. Stockton College invited an anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton ?progressive? Democrat speaker to observe ?Constitution Day? on Wednesday, September 21 at 6:30 pm.?
The Speaker is Akhil Reed Amar, a Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University.? In this YouTube Video with Keith Obermann, Amar falsely falsely claims ?Tea Party Conservatives? don?t understand U.S. Constitution, and that Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln were the ?progressive nationalists? and the ?liberal Democrats? of their day.?? “Constitutional Scholar” Amar doesn’t mention how “Anti-Federalists” blocked adoption of U.S. Constitution until Bill of Rights was added, how Federalists promised public that Constitution would never permit most of what Federal government routinely does today, or how Abraham Lincoln repeatedly stated how U.S. Constitution was designed to protect the “unalienable rights” described in Declaration of Independence.?? If you have any contacts at Stockton or can help us get the truth to Stockton students during the next three weeks, please contact us.

9.? No gas tax hike!? Repudiate unconstitutional debt.? Let Transportation Trust Fund Authority go bankrupt.? Let its unconstitutional junk bonds default.? Use $1.5 billion we already pay in tolls and gas taxes to build and fix our roads and bridges–not to bail out Wall Street junk bonds.? Details at Also please view and re-post our video at

10.? Weekly Breakfast Discussions:9:30 am to 10:30 am every Saturday.? Drop in when you are near Atlantic City.? No charge or commitment other than order off menu, and tip your server.? We often get visitors from around the country.?? Most of them tell us they wish they had a group like us at home.?? Shore Diner, 6710 Tilton Road (corner Fire Road) in front of Days Inn by Parkway Exit 36 (Northfield, Egg Harbor Twp).

11.? All paid members are invited to borrow any of the hundred books in? Liberty Library at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ.? Our latest addition is a Spring 2008 Issue of The Quarterly Journal of Military History with a remarkable story of George Washington’s efforts to free 3,000 black slaves in South Carolina so they could enlist in Continental Army and end slavery in America.? Call ahead to (609) 927-7333 to make sure we are open.

12.? You have our permission to cut, paste and forward anything in our emails, website, or Facebook to spread our message of liberty.?? Please use our stuff to compose short 150 to 200 word letters to the editor and submit to your local paper–ore one listed in the ?Engage? section of our website at you know of additional links, or if you have problems with any of the links we posted, please contact us.? Thanks.

13.? When you shop online through Amazon, please name Liberty and Prosperity as your “Smiles” charity.? It costs you nothing and every little bit helps us.

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