Richard Stockton Never Owned A Slave. Our Colleges and Schools Refuse to Tell His Remarkable Story Anyway.

The story of Richard Somers of Somers Point explains when America was great, and why.

Richard Somers, like most Americans back then, ?learned more reading, writing, critical thinking, math and science skills from eight grades of schooling, than most college graduates know today.

Somers mastered a trade, skippering cargo ships sailing between New York and Philadelphia by age 17.?Most Americans, ?boys and girls, ?also learned useful trades and were financially independent by that age.

America had no army or navy, and tried to be at peace with the world for our first 13 years as a nation.? ?Because of this, Americans abroad were often attacked, robbed, and sold into slavery by Muslim privateers in the Mediterranean, and French pirates in the Caribbean. When Americans finally built a navy to stop this in 1798, Richard Somers was one of the first to join.

At age 23, Richard Somers commanded a warship that sailed 5,000 miles to fight Islamic terrorists by the Shores of Tripoli in North Africa. He was sent by President Thomas Jefferson, not George Bush.

Every American school child once knew this story. Somers, New York is named after Richard Somers. ? The first monument at the Annapolis Naval Academy honors Somers and his crew.? The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was named after Somers’ second in command.

There are Richard Somers monuments all over his home town of Somers Point. ? Yet until we revived yearly ceremonies to honor him, few people knew who he was even here.

For the past 50 years, people who hate America and our way of life took control of our schools, colleges, media, and Hollywood pop culture.?Every day, they systematically distort and manipulate the history of our country. Their purpose is to persuade more Americans to hate our country and our unique culture and system of limited, constitutional government, and maximum individual freedom and opportunity. Telling stories of great Americans and the good they did does not advance their agenda.

1. ?Please mark Sunday, September 10 at 1pm on your calendar. ? Please meet us at the Richard Somers statue and mural next to the Somers Point Branch — Atlantic County Library System at 801 Shore Road (NJ Ave) in Somers Point. ? Students and children are encouraged. ? Hear the Richard Somers story, and understand the America that produced him and so many like him. ? ? (In case of rain, meet us at Gregory’s Restaurant at 900 Shore Road, one block away).

2. ?Please buy $25 tickets to our fundraising buffet at Gregory’s starting at 1:30 pm, right after the ceremony. ? Besides relaxing with like minded people, this event gives us needed funds to deliver our message for the rest of the year. ? (We receive no government funding. ? Most of our money comes from $60 and $30 dues, and our February Washington-Lincoln Day fundraiser. ?

Please email, pay $25 per ticket online through our website, call (609) 927-7333, or visit us at 453 Shore Road, in Somers Point, NJ. ?Although tickets may be purchased at the door, we can be much better prepared if you buy your tickets in advance.

If you are unable to attend, it is not too late to pay the $30 dues to be a member of our group or to make a tax deductible donation in any amount. ? Thanks.

3. ?Help us reach others who may be interested. ? For example, we have met many local residents with names like Somers, Conover, Smith, Scull, Risley, and Leeds who are related to Richard Somers and who were eager to learn his story. ?If you know of any, please give us their contact info so we can include them in this year’s program. ? ?Thanks.

Help us reach students at Stockton University. ?Stockton’s recent removal of its Richard Stockton statue is only a small part of a very big problem. ?If you know a student attending this fall, please give us his or her name and contact info so we can let that student know about our activities on campus. ? If you can be on the Stockton campus on September 19 or 20 (or any other day) please volunteer to help us meet students at the “Get Involved Fair”. ? Details at

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?Free? trade agreements have decimated the base of American manufacturing by off-shoring jobs and factories, fueling the import of cheap foreign-made (and sometimes deadly products). ?A ?free? trade agreement is nothing more than trade heavily regulated by unaccountable regional governmental bodies that operate outside the American judicial system. ? The global power elites view multilateral ?free? trade agreements as one of their main vehicles for establishing step-by-step, socialist regional governments controlled by themselves. . . ? President Donald Trump has taken action to stop the TTP, but is considering renegotiating the North American ?Free? Trade Agreement.

Learn how fake “free” trade agreements steal American rights, as well as American jobs. ?Also many interesting and informative pamphlets are available on a variety of related topics.

For details (RSVP appreciated), please contact Steve Jones, (609) 616-5321 or

JBS is the John Birch Society. Liberty and Prosperity is not affiliated with any other organization. We also mostly focus on New Jersey issues. However, we ?often promote events of other organizations when those events promote our principles of liberty and issues that have a major impact on New Jersey.

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